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  1. I fully agree with Adam. I'm not familiar with the specs of your Nikon cameras but you can't beat the quality in both low light and just in general from a larger sensor camera. Also I wouldn't worry terribly about lens setups or adding video lights at first. Shooting with a good manual white balance will do you just fine. You wouldn't step out of your Porche to drive your Lada haha
  2. Did you edit a 2021 showreel this year? Post it in the comments below. Would love to see what you've all been up to! Here's mine, highlights diving around Thailand in 2021. Hope you enjoy!
  3. Thank you Vaidhy! Sadly with mirrorless/DSLR systems, you are mostly looking at screw on filters directly on the lens, so no way to remove while underwater.
  4. In this rather long YouTube video I show my quite quick and effective color grading methods on various underwater shots! Hope you enjoy, there's some real good techniques here that can be utilized with nearly any camera system. And if you're on a different editor, they should also offer a similar workflow to this.
  5. Haven't checked, but they prob all do. When Keldan does I expect all others to Sent from my M2101K6G using Tapatalk
  6. The GH6 is right around the corner and I have the feeling a lot of GH5 setups will be up on sale soon (unless the GH6 fits in the GH5 housings )
  7. In this tutorial I would like to share with you 5 of my favorite tips on video editing for underwater videographers. I'll be using Adobe Premiere Pro but these are tips that you can replicate on near any editing software. Hope you enjoy the video, please let me know in the comments below if you have any other questions about editing or the premiere pro software!
  8. Most of my focus within underwater filmmaking is targeted towards scuba diving, but lately I've been getting more and more into freediving as it offers it's own unique challenges and rewards. And while both disciplines take place in the ocean, there are more then a few differences that makes an article like this helpful. So I am going to cover my top 5 tips on how I shoot underwater video while freediving. These are not specific tips on freediving techniques, there are plenty of articles and videos that cover that better than I can. But I will include some very important bonus safety tips at the end, so please make sure you don't miss out on those. https://www.aquatic-images.com/post/how-to-shoot-underwater-video-for-freedivers
  9. Did a weekend trip to Koh Chang recently, my first time doing any diving around Koh Chang. Have to say I was positively surprised, both by the wreck and other dive sites! This area is seeing increased popularity amongst Thai divers during the pandemic. Underwater setup; Panasonic GH5 // Metabones Speedbooster Ultra EF to MFT // Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 // Keldan Spectrum SF-2 red filter // Ikelite Housing
  10. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it [emoji3526] Sent from my M2101K6G using Tapatalk
  11. In this video I explore various cinematic shot types for underwater videos and explain how they can potentially be used for great effect. What's your go-to shots?
  12. Had an epic trip to the South of Phuket aboard the Deep Andaman Queen, my favorite liveaboard in Thailand!
  13. I recently did a review on this, explaining in detail which one to go for. Find it here
  14. My review of the Ikelite DL200 housing system after almost 3 years of use https://www.aquatic-images.com/post/ikelite-dl200-underwater-housing-review
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