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  1. The video is shot on 2 lenses, the Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 and the Sigma 18-35mm f1.8. Adapted to the GH5 with the Metabones Speedbooster Ultra. Also using the Keldan Spectrum SF-2 filter, which knocks off about 1.5 stops of light. For the Tokina I do get soft corners when shooting at it's widest focal, which is roughly a 16mm FF equivalent. It's an issue even if I stop down. I usually zoom in a little to counter it (to about 18mm) when I'm near the reef but I sometimes forget. For the Sigma I only really get it when I open the lens all the way up at it's widest focal (roughly 25mm FF eq), but it's not as visible as on the Tokina.
  2. This is quite the fascinating lens on paper and I was just wondering if anyone have given it a try yet underwater? Currently I use GH5+Olympus 60mm f2.8, but I feel this would be a potential upgrade, especially with the 2:1 magnification
  3. Unusable with the ambient light filters yeah, but then again I was shooting with them in Similan Islands in Thailand, which had very very good visibility. Perhaps the output would be more visible under different conditions. Also if you don't plan to use ambient light filters, I'd say go for it.
  4. Hi everyone I'm Norwegian but live in Thailand, where I work as an underwater filmmaker. I also teach video courses and have free tutorials on my YouTube, mostly related to underwater videography. Hope you enjoy my work!
  5. Hi everyone I just released a review of the X-Adventurer M15000 underwater video light. Go check it out below!
  6. I recently got to test out the M15000's, you can find me review below
  7. I just completed a review of the X-Adventurer M15000, used in the tropics with ambient light filters. You can check it out below
  8. Another point that is often overlooked when it comes to shooting with ambient light underwater is the kelvin range capabilities of various cameras. Without going into too much detail, the kelvin range is what determines the level of color accuracy you can expect at a base level. For example, the correct kelvin reading at say 10 meters depth might be about 15.000K. But most compact & action cameras will be capped at 8-15.000K. (Most mirrorless/DSLR will have a range hitting 50.000 or so). So for heading down deeper, using a camera with a limited kelvin range, coupled with a smaller sensor, makes for difficulties with color. That's not to say you can't get better results using filters, but the very base output of the camera will always be a limiting factor the deeper you go. As for how deep you can take your particular setup at the location you most often dive, depends on many other factors such as average visibility, water hue & light intensity from the sun. Best thing to do is to just go out and experiment. White balance at 20 meters and look at the footage you get from your camera and how it matches up with reality. If it looks washed out or colorless, you know the limitations of your setup. But understand that all the above factors plays in, and on a super clear day it might perform differently at the same depth.
  9. Hi Chris Definitely do a custom white balance with the red filter on for the most accurate results possible with your camera. But if you shoot anything with video lights, make sure to remove the red filter and use either automatic white balance or do a custom white balance with the lights on. Good luck!
  10. I sure do. find my work on here: https://www.instagram.com/aquatic_images/ Mostly underwater video from Thailand & Myanmar
  11. Thank ylu, I'm very glad you enjoyed it! Sadly yes, finding the original version of Oceans is hard. I bought it on DVD when I was still living in Europe. Also if you look in the description of the video there's all the links I could find to the various docus, like where to watch them or buy them
  12. Thanks Davide Yeah, I agree with you on US vs EU storytelling. Seems to me that US docus have to tiptoe more and be more appropriate for lower age groups, although there are plenty of exceptions to the rule. And thanks for the tip, I will check out Ballesta
  13. Hi Divers Sadly we can't dive in Thailand these days and I miss it badly. But it's given me time to do something I've wanted to do for a long time, to rewatch and rank my favourite underwater documentaries. So I made a video about my top 10 favourites. What's your favourite? Check out my video:
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