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  1. I have never flooded my Inon strobe but found that occasionally It does strange things and I have to clean the lower battery contacts to get it to work. Could be worth trying.
  2. I just got back from Scuba Seraya last week and if you’re looking for quiet relaxed diving you won’t be disappointed. There were a maximum of 5 guests at any one time in the resort, the majority being photographers. There are 2 ribs so for the whole week it was just me, my partner and the dive guide. The package we booked included 2 boat dives in the morning and unlimited house reef diving in the afternoon and evening. For the house reef you can go in unescorted, the staff are amazing and they were happy to accommodate any requests. If there’s anything specific you want to know just ask. One thing that would be useful to take would be a decent water bottle. You get a few bottles of water at the beginning of your stay then you just fill them up from the water coolers in the dive centre or dining area. Thanks Dave
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