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  1. Nearly brand new AOI UW09 wide angle lens (130 degree field). Purchased from Backscatter in May, dove 4 times in Belize. Pristine condition. Includes lens cover and float collar In the US, and would prefer a US buyer to simplify shipping. Depending on where you live, we can discuss who pays for shipping.
  2. I have recently upgraded from the Olympus TG 5 and housing to a Backscatter/AOI housing and Olympus E-LP 10. My maiden voyage with this new rig was in June and have to say it has changed the way I think of underwater photography. While more complex (manual mode, etc) it allows me to change lenses and dial in on the types of photos I want. Couldn't be more happy. Go to www.backscatter.com for more info
  3. What a great trip. Would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting an exceptional trip.
  4. Shot my new new Backscatter E-LP10 and Octo housing with Backscatter strobes. Mike and Mike were great teachers.
  5. Hi all. I am a newbie uw photographer learning how to shoot Olympus E-PL10 and Backscatter housing, and loving it! I look forward to learning from you on wet pixel
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