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  1. Does this viewfinder swivel from horizontal to vertical position without removing it? I shoot with Sony a7riv in Nauticam housing.
  2. I have similar issue to what you were describing, soft corners even at f11 or f16. I am using Sony a7r iv with 180mm Nauticam dome and 110 port extension and the corners are soft, blurry and need to discard 30% of each frame I take pretty much. Considered +2 B&W diopter but most folks say it makes no difference. Looking at your post you mention that with Sea & Sea corrective lens you get acceptable image quality. Can you send me to some images that show this improvement, maybe before after. Trying to find out if it is worth the $400 price. Alternative is upgrade to WWL-1 or WACP from Nauticam. Thx
  3. Looking to buy NAUTICAM 45˚ VIEWFINDER Sku: # 32203
  4. Why are you selling and what are you upgrading to?
  5. Hi, I though S&S fixed the overheating issue with extension of the plastic front cover. I had 2 of the YS2 fail on me already and though that 03's did not have this problem any more. Where are you located?
  6. Can you sell arms and few clamps separately?
  7. Looking to buy Nauticam N100 Macro Port 105
  8. Ball arms...

    Are your ball arms still for sale?





    1. Kelamik


      sorry, traveling at the moment

  9. Moray, I have been shooting with a7ii, a7rii for several years and my dives are usually between 60-80 minutes each, if I don't do deep dives. I take lots of photos while I dive so my experience is a7ii and a7rii will only last 1 dive, maybe 1 and a half. Hence my feedback and although I acknowledge that each diver's experience might be different due to length of an average dive and number of shoots taken I would not call my feedback an exaggeration. In all honesty I would not recommend a7ii or a7rii for scuba to anybody. As for a7r iii, this camera underwater is pretty amazing and battery life a lot better, see my photos taken with a7r iii at https://www.alekmiko.com/underwater-photography Regards
  10. Word of advice from me, do not buy housing for a7ii camera, the battey will only last you 1 dive and you will have to open housing and replace the battery. Upgrade to version III or IV, trust me it will be worth it
  11. Looking to buy used Ultralite 8" & 5" arms and clamps; 2 sets of each.
  12. Looking to buy ultralight arms and clamps, can you sell separately?
  13. For sale is gently used, only 5 weeks of diving on 1 trip, Ikelite housing for Sony a7r iii with ports and accessories as follows. 1 Ikelite Housing for Sony A7RIII and A9 Dry Lock Version- 200ft (compatible with the Sony a7iii as well) ike-71473 $1695.00 1 Ikelite Vacuum Pump with Gauge IKE-47011 $59.95 1 Ikelite right-hand quick release Handle with Extension IKE-4077.02 $65.00 2 ULCS BA-IK Base Adapter for Ikelite quick release Handle ULCS-BA-IK $23.95 $47.90 1 Ikelite Single Sync Cord for Sea & Sea/Inon strobes (Non TTL) IKE-45281 $119.95 1 Ikelite 20mm Port Extension for Dry Lock Housings ike-75020 $199.95 (Port extension for 90mm macro 1 of 3 pcs) 1 Ikelite 42mm Port Extension for Dry Lock Housings ike-75042 $249.95 (Port extension for 90mm macro 2 of 3 pcs) 1 Ikelite Macro Flat Port for Dry Lock Housings ike-75301 $374.95 (Port for 90mm macro 3 of 3 pcs) Total paid at Blue Water Photo, April 2019, was $2,812.65. I am selling for $2,200; your gain my loss. This is excellent starter kit in almost mint condition. Please see my photos at https://www.alekmiko.com/underwater-photography taken with this set-up. Also have Sony a7r III that I might consider selling, along with Batis 85mm f1.8 and Batis 25mm f2.0. PM me if you are interested in this set-up.
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