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  1. First time to take the A7R II down at the weekend. It was a bit challenging to use the FE 90mm in low light underwater, but maybe I need more practice. When it did focus, the results were very good. I had a housed 5D II before but used it exclusively for wide shots. Mantis shrimp: Goby on whip coral: Squid during night dive:
  2. I recently shifted to the A7R II and got the Ikelite housing. I have yet to take the system down but this is how I plan to deal with the short battery life. The small power bank gives me the equivalent of another FW50 battery.
  3. May I know what port you use with the Samyang fisheye? I'm also thinking of taking the Samyang 14mm down and it looks like my 5510.25 is perfect for it. Thanks.
  4. I just got the Ikelite housing for the A7R II and was shocked to discover that this housing gives you a teeny-tiny view using the built-in eyepiece. Coming from the Ikelite housing for the Canon 5D II, I'd say this is a major downgrade as far as viewfinder use is concerned, which gives you about 60% to 70% view (compared with 90% to 95% on the Ikelite 5D II housing). It puts the A7R II's giant viewfinder to waste. It's a shame Ikelite doesn't mention this on their website. No, I don't plan to splurge another $1,000 on a viewfinder magnifier. The tray also doesn't have a lock, so be careful that the camera doesn't fall when opening the housing. You also can't switch from TTL to manual strobe control (and vice versa) underwater, which I've been able to do in my previous housing. You have to open the housing to flick the switch. Everything else is fine. But I had to highlight these negative points because the "professional" reviewers forgot to mention them. Unless there's something wrong with my housing. Is the built-on eyepiece really supposed to be that bad? Notice that I'm not comparing the housing with an Aquatica or Nauticam, but with an old Ikelite housing for the 5D II which really didn't look that bad.
  5. Hi, what's the optimal port for the Canon 15mm fisheye lens + Metabones IV adapter inside an Ikelite A7R II housing and the 8-inch dome? Ikelite only lists the Sigma 15mm fisheye lens + Metabones on its website and I think the Canon lens is a few millimeters shorter? Thanks a lot for any help.
  6. Underwater TTL Housing for Sony Alpha a7 II, a7R II, a7S II Mirrorless Digital CamerasAt long last!
  7. But that's the exact Tenergy 3800 that I have and they don't fit.
  8. Ordered these Tenergy 3800 sub-C batteries from the U.S. (I'm from Manila) and they don't fit, no matter what I do. Tenergy 3800
  9. I'm trying to determine the useable capacity by discharging the pack at its actual load current. Thanks.
  10. Hi, I'm trying to recondition my DS125 NiMH battery packs. I need to know how much current (amperes) the strobe uses. I know that it uses 6 Sub-C cells in series for a total 7.2 nominal volts. I've checked the manual but it doesn't say how many amperes. It does say its energy rating is 110 watt-sec. Thanks a lot.
  11. I actually went there last April and it was jam-packed. Visibility can change within a day so you can't really be sure.
  12. Just want to share some photos from my recent trip to Donsol, Sorsogon in the Philippines, where whale sharks pass by regularly to feed. This was my seventh trip to Donsol and I have probably jumped in the water and swam with these sharks almost a hundred times already, but it's a different experience every time. Scuba is prohibited when interacting with whale sharks, so these shots were taken on plain snorkeling gear. It's a bit challenging trying to channel your energy and breathing properly (and sometimes holding it) to keep up with the sharks (they are not slouchy swimmers!). The whale sharks are found by spotters using the naked eye, so no telescopes and helicopters just like in Ningaloo. This means lower fees (less than $15 for a four-hour boat trip). Here are several stories that I have written in the past on the gentle giants for a local newspaper. Face to face with Donsol's gentle giants Close encounters with a whale shark Close encounter with Donsol's butanding Protecting the habitat of whale sharks Cheers, Norman Fatty: First-timers: Free riders: Out of breath: Swimmers: Mobile store: Spotter: Round world:
  13. Was it your first time? It must have been exhilarating. I know the feeling, having swum with the biggest fish in the world many times in the past. Was this on scuba? About the whale sharks in silhouette, I disagree with the observation that they are not that pleasing. What's wrong with the whale shark's silhouette? On the contrary, I think it's majestic especially with the semi-sunburst above. Just a small suggestion: you might want to adjust the levels/curves of some of the shots because they are underexposed. A simple selective color command will also give you some pleasing blues. Cheers, Norman
  14. Don't ultra-wide (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) lenses already polarise the light? If you want to cut the harshness of the light, maybe you would do better to use a 0.3 or 0.6 ND filter. Besides, a polariser on an ultra-wide (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) could make the uneven darkness/lightness in the sky worse. My understanding of all this is based on topside shots, but I would think that it is true for the upper part of an over/under shot as well.
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