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  1. Is the "Leek Detector" article archived so that I can view it somewhere?
  2. I actually emailed Aquatica a couple of weeks ago but got no reply. Maybe I used a dodgy email address - anyone got an up-to-date one?
  3. Does anyone know if I can fit an after-market leak detector to my Aquatica Coolpix 5000 housing? If so, where would I get one from? Would it have to be installed through the second bulkhead, or is it contained fully within the housing?
  4. Hi All, searching previous threads has given me conflicting answers to this question. Is it possible to achieve TTL exposure control using my SB105 strobe in my A5000 housing? Whilst manual control gives me excellent results, I would like to use TTL sometimes. When I try for TTL, even with the exposure compensation wound right down on the camera, I get way too much light dumped.
  5. I recently tried projecting some digital photos using a colour LCD projector. Now, I wasn't expecting the quality of image you get from a photographic slide, but I was extremely dissapointed with the result. Compared to what I saw on my computer screen, the projected image was grainy with a lot of contrast between light and dark parts of the picture. The pictures were taken with a CP5000 (5 MP), RAW format, so resolution was at a maximum. The projector I used was a Mitsubishi, about 4 years old. Has anyone had experience in projecting digital images? Is there any way of getting a half decent picture up on the wall?
  6. A few previous posts on various topics have included a hint that the dome port (for the 19mm Nikon lens) blocks the TTL sensor on Aquatica's Coolpix 5000 housing. If true, this seems like a serious drawback! Have any A5000 users out there noticed this?
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