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  1. Looking to buy the following 3 items to use with my Fantasea A6400 housing. Fantasea FML Dome Port A6 Fantasea FML Lens Gears SEL1018 Fantasea FML Port Extension 25
  2. I see, thanks. My hand tend to be on the upper part of the grip because that's where the trigger on my housing is. I guess there are some housing that would require space near the bottom.
  3. I have the ultralight tray seen below and is wondering what the vertical extension piece is suppose to do? What is the benefit of having the short extension part being at an offset?
  4. Selling my +15 MacroMate Mini for GoPro https://www.backscatter.com/FLIP7-15-MACROMATE-Mini-with-55mm-Filter-Holder Since I am upgrading to a mirrorless, I won't need to do macro with the GoPro anymore. Asking for $70 + Shipping Original Price is $120 I am located in NYC if you want to pick up in person.
  5. Hi, I saw your link to a gallery on your subsee +10 sales post, but it is now private. Would you be able to share some sample with me? I am looking to buy one to use with my A6400 + 16-50mm kit lens.



  6. Has anyone used the subsee +10 on the A6400 with 16-50 kit lens and flat port? Interested to know if they are compatible, and what kind of quality I would get.
  7. I will doing both, but is sticking to my video lights for now. I'm looking into UCLS right now. The choices are overwhelming!
  8. Or maybe I should just get a new tray
  9. It's mounted with a threaded rod that goes through the whole handle with the tray having a mount that keeps the handle it place. Seems like it would be difficult to mount them on another tray without the same mount.
  10. Currently I have a kraken dual arm tray with 2 video lights and a gopro. I am looking to upgrade to a A6400 with a Fantasea housing but the kraken tray is not wide enough for the housing. So my plan is to remove the right arm and use it as a single arm tray then mount the right light on the hotshoe with a ball mount adapter. The problem is the light would be in the center which is not good, so if I add an arm to it to extend the movement of the light, would that be too much for the hotshoe to handle? The video lights are Kraken Hydra 3500
  11. WTB A6400 with the fantasea housing and accessories for the 16-50 kit lens.
  12. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
  13. What do you use to adjust the buoyancy of a 3/4" Locline arms? I saw in a recent Blueworld episode that they were using something that looks like a StiX Jumbo float, but I couldn't find one that were made for the locline (Or do the one for ULCS arms just fit on a locline arm?). I have also seen float from BTS, but not sure how they would work as some version has rubber band around the foam, while the version sold for the locline doesn't (seem like they would be prone to falling off when you jump off the boat). https://www.housingcamera.com/id3088-stix-sx-ful3.html https://www.housingcamera.com/id3696-bts-bf-flex-75-7.html
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