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  1. Final post for a bit. Here are a couple of shots from last weekend on the wreck of the Manasoo in Georgian Bay. I've included a link to the Wikipedia Page about the wreck which is mostly correct. In any case, hope you enjoy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS_Manasoo https://imgur.com/a/hB7Sqzw
  2. If you come later in the season the thermoclines are quite reasonable. Just did a 30min BT on a wreck in 200FFW and the water warmed up quite nicely on the way up. At 60' there is a marked, visible thermocline and the surface temp was 71F
  3. Continuing with the impending end of the (Great Lakes) dive season, here are a couple of shots from 2 Tobermory favourites: the Arabia, a three-masted barque that sank in 1884 and the Forest City which was a schooner later converted to steam. It sank in 1904 after ramming into Bears Rump Island in heavy fog. https://imgur.com/a/4fGjhBu
  4. Thanks Dann-Oh, very kind. Yes this one is in about 165' but the top rail of the wreck starts a bit shallower than that. There really is world class wreck diving at many different depths all over the lakes. I am diving CCR and in this shot my son is the model, he is using LP 104's (IMHO the best cylinders ever made trim-wise) as he is 6'7" and needs the extra length. His deco bottle is an Al80. Other wrecks nearby this area range from 100-200' Fresh Water.
  5. As the Great Lakes diving season slows down, time to post a few images from this years adventures Number 1, the JH Jones https://imgur.com/gallery/h7C2H7L
  6. Maybe not as cool ar the listing for the Gates (RED) housing but infinitely more useful
  7. This port completely sparkles!!!
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