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  1. PM sent about the 60mm and the fisheye
  2. I started really small, read here small Sony with no lights. I moved up to a Sony RX100 II with 2x5000 Lumen Video lights which produced great results. (Nudge nudge I am selling that entire setup) as I went up to 4K. My advice: It's all about the lights (and frames per second) when it comes to video.
  3. May be interested, pm me if still available
  4. What's the deal?? Are you selling or not??
  5. https://www.flickr.com/photos/169874652@N02/?
  6. Hit post before I could attach photos and now I can't edit?? I can share lots of photos with an email rkelch@teksavvy.com Also Posted here https://www.facebook.com/groups/476214102498389/permalink/2127571140696002/?sale_post_id=2127571140696002
  7. I am moving up in format so it is time to part with the system that I've used for the past few years. If you've been shooting with a GoPro or always wanted to film your adventures then this is a great system. Pretty compact and easy to travel. System is based around Sony's awesome DSC-RX100 Mk II, a great 20 Megapixel camera that features a Zeiss lens, 28-100mm with an amazing F1.8 min aperture. It sucks in light better than the eye can see. I've shot mainly video but do grab some stills from time to time and the resolution is fantastic for such a small package. Housing is a RecSea WHS-RX100MkII that is machined aluminum with a 100m depth rating. It is simple to operate and very durable. For wide angles it comes with an i-das 28mm wide angle wetness so no need to mess with ports. Macro adaptors are also available that thread on and off all underwater. I also am including a set of iTorch 5,000 lumen video lights that totally pull in the color of any shot. Lastly included is a tray, handles and ball mounts. No leaks ever, thoroughly cared for, message me and I'll share lots of sample video that shows what you can generate wit this. In Summary: RX100MKII (spare batteries, charger, etc) Housing (100m depth rating) 10,000 Lumens of Video Lights Wide Angle Wet lens (no messing with ports) Tray, adaptors, ball mounts, etc Replacement costs new to build this out would be close to $4000
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