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  1. Hi, Is this the glass dome or acrylic?
  2. Looking for a Nauticam 140mm Dome port for the Olympus 8mm fisheye in decent shape
  3. Hi, I have for sale a very lightly used Port (Type 3) for the Nikkor Micro 60mm lens. Great shape, no discernible scratches. $100US OBO (buyer pays shipping). PM for photos.
  4. PM sent about the 60mm and the fisheye
  5. I started really small, read here small Sony with no lights. I moved up to a Sony RX100 II with 2x5000 Lumen Video lights which produced great results. (Nudge nudge I am selling that entire setup) as I went up to 4K. My advice: It's all about the lights (and frames per second) when it comes to video.
  6. May be interested, pm me if still available
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