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  1. Interested in the fisheye and dome port
  2. sidcaver

    Sync Cords

    I am selling a pair of Sea and Sea Sync cords, one is 3pin to 5pin, the other is 3pin to 3pin I've never had them in the water. $150 plus shipping for both
  3. Sea and Sea Dual Sync cord 3pin too 5pin. I bought this used, never got it wet. $100 plus shipping
  4. I have a pair of Sea and Sea YS-110 strobes for sale. I purchased these used with the idea that my wife would use them but she decided that she prefers shooting with video lights. They both fire just fine and have the original diffusers. I have never had them wet. Looking for $400 for the pair plus shipping.
  5. Do you still have the 14-42 and zoom gear?
  6. Subal D30 housing for Nikon D300. Included: Subal housing (I purchased second hand and used on one trip-no leaks of any kind), Subal Type 4 FP-90 flat port, D300 camera, Nikon 60mm AF micro F2.8. The housing has the Subal 180degree magnified viewfinder. The 60mm lens and the FP-90 Port were purchased BRAND NEW and used on one trip, maybe 15 dives in total. Selling as I set this up to have a dedicated macro rig in the water at all times and it just was too much to tote around. Loved the setup but overkill for me. Not looking to get a lot out of it but considering replacement cost on the viewfinder alone am asking $1000 plus shipping for everything.
  7. Thanks I just logged in to do this and you beat me to it
  8. Hmm, using a Nauticam housing and GH5S so I would end up trying to make adaptors work. Thanks but I think Ill keep on the hunt
  9. Hi, Is this the glass dome or acrylic?
  10. Looking for a Nauticam 140mm Dome port for the Olympus 8mm fisheye in decent shape
  11. Hi, I have for sale a very lightly used Port (Type 3) for the Nikkor Micro 60mm lens. Great shape, no discernible scratches. $100US OBO (buyer pays shipping). PM for photos.
  12. PM sent about the 60mm and the fisheye
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