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  1. Thanks mate, i will see. I can't change it i have to bring the equipment so i will see what i get ;-)
  2. Thanks for your reply. We will see on friday, if i have internet in the hotel i will let you guys know whats happened. But i think the chance to get hit by the customs are less than in Cabo or La paz. I don't know how "good" they are with the x-ray to find underwater housings and cameras ;-) So fingers crossed. i think i will have a good time with good shark action in guadalupe this year...
  3. Hi guys, very interesting topic here. I will fly on thursday to Tijuana via Mexico City for sure with a lot of camera gear ;-) I'm very exited what i will get in Mexico City. And if they also searching for underwaterhousings etc. in Tijuana. So the flight from MEX to TIJ is an domestic flight so fingers crossed that the customs in MEX are not in hunting mood ;-) There is no "lottery" any more i heard, just x-ray scans of the bags?
  4. Thank you, at the moment it is more the topic of the soft corners. With the Inon i got with the A6500 for my opinion to much soft corners. I would like to use wetlens because of the felxibility but if the others (WWL-1 and/or Fantasea UWL 09) are also so soft in the corners like the Inon i will go for a wide angle lens with a dome. I thought the UWL-H100 is designed for compact cameras with 28mm maybe this one of the reassons of the soft corners. At my RX100 i do not noticed soft corners that much.
  5. Hey, thank you for your reply. Do you own the cyan Filters? I fear of the point that the cyan filter will block to much light. I heard of about 2 stops of light. Do you get WB error nevertheless also with the red filter? What kind of Keldan filter do you use? 67mm Version on the port or directly on the lens inside of the housing? thank you
  6. @Interceptor121 Do you know the quality difference of the wide angle lenses (UWL-H100, WWL-1 and UWL 09F/Pro) when mounted on a apsc camera? As i wrote i got a lot of soft corners in my images with my A6500 camera. I thought the UWL-H100 performs not that good on APSC cameras for sure with 24 or less mm lenses. Like in this Video, this was the first test of the new setup. Egypt 2019 At the moment i have to make the decision of bying a dome port with the sony 10-18mm or bying a new wetlens like WWL-1 or Fantasea UWL 09. Thank you.
  7. right now i use my "old" Inon UWL-H100 LD Version with my new A6500 Setup with an M67 to LD Adapter. Not happy at all with that Setup. For the old Setup with the RX100 the wet lens is great. But for the APSC Camera the corner sharpness is really weak i dont like it. End of may i can test the Nauticam WWL-1 lens, i hope it will be better performance. The UWL 09F from Fantasea would be also an option?
  8. Hi, just a short question. I have also problems with the weak white balance of the A6500. Am i right that i put on the spectrum red filter to the housing or lens and try to make a custom whitebalance with the red filter to the ambient light and after that i put on the Lights with the ambient filters? Right now i look for new lights (i also use 2 Sola 2000 at the moment) and Keldan 8X is my favourite one but i dont know if i need the spectrum and ambient light filters. On the Keldan Homepage and on the comercial videos they told we have to do a proper white balance to use this Setup. Thank you very much for a short reply to this topic. Greetings Marcus
  9. Really nice footage, like it. What setup do you use in terms of Light/Filter? What kind of Lights do you use and maybe the settings of the camera? Thank you very much.
  10. Good morning from germany. I'm new here and i'm an ambitious uw-videographer an hope to get more prof. with the help of this forum. Have a good time. Greetings Marcus
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