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  1. I bought the D50 this year but have not purchased the housing yet. What I hope is for Ikelite to make a housing that fits the D80 and is backward compatable with the D50 That way I could use the D50 for now and upgrade later.
  2. Thank you for the information. I so not want to be stuck with manual only, so I will have to look at alternatives. Thanks Alan
  3. Hello, I have been learning a lot reading the posts here. I currently own a Nikonos V and an Ikelite Sunstrobe 100 setup. I am thinking of purchasing the Olympus 5050 and the PT-015 I was wondering if I could use the Sunstrobe 100 with the digital camera The 100 has settings for TTL, Manual Full Power, and Manual 1/2 power. I have read that the 5050 can have the pre flash truned off ( correct ? ) If so, could I add an Ikelite TTL slave sensor # 4100 and have the slave fire the strobe? Of course I would love to have a DS 125 or Sea and Sea, but do not have the extra money. Am I asking for trouble using this setup or sould I be OK? Thanks Alan B
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