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  1. Coral reef fish is big business. Trade in coral, fish and other marine animals reaches hundreds of millions $ a year. About 98% of coral reef fish cannot be bred in captivity. Therefore, there is a great fishing for living fish. In many places fishermen use the poison cyanide to catch the fish. The diver injects the poison in to the caves, the fish is hiding in, and when the fish is stunt, It’s easy to haul it out. But fish can be damaged by the poison. The cyanide can cause eye damage or damage to the internal organs of the fish. Another consequence is that the surroundings - the coral polyps, the shrimps, the crabs and all the other organisms on the reef are damaged or perhaps even can die from the poison. So it's a very destructive way to catch fish. In our work on a documentary about coral reefs, we had the opportunity to dive with some guys in Kenya, which cast the fish in a sustainable way. Here a little music video from there work.
  2. And then my wife just remember me, that there´s also one big problem on Yeben Island… sand flies and there´s lot of them, and they bite J but can you live with that it´s a great place to visit
  3. Yes we had one week at Yeben. Nice resort, very good diving – and the best divemaster we ever had – and splendid food. However it´s a new resort and the most visitors seem more to fulfill the dream of a Robinson Crusoe island than diving… When we said, we want 3 dives pr day – well that wasn’t use to that. Normally there guest takes one or 2 dives a single day and then have a day off. But we got them up in speed and have our 3 daily dives and it was great – and as I wrote best divemaster and food on our trip Here is a link to a film - it´s both from Kri and Yeben
  4. Sorry for late answer We use Panasonic 7 - 14 mm and Olympus M. Zuiko 12 - 50 I am very satisfied with them
  5. No Im very happy with my habds and fingers as well. It was a GoPro on a stick 😀
  6. Just back from 3 weeks in Raja - best diving we ever have had. Shot on our old GH4 :-)
  7. Hi Do any know Cove Eco Resort on Yeben Island? should be close to Pianemo Island. http://www.coveecoresort.com/ I consider a trip to them in February, so if any know something about diving in that area, I will be greratfull to hear your experiences
  8. Hi Have any of you good people dived at Weda Halmahera in Indonesia? I consider a trip in February with the first stop in Lembeh, and after some days in Lembeh travel on to Weda, but how is the diving there? On the dive center webpage is says that diving is great, but the very few videos and pictures I have found from the area shows another picture, with damage corals and not that many fish or other stuff. So I will really appreciate, if some of you that have visited the area or heard about it other ways, can tell me if it´s a good plan to go out there – or maybe if you have other ideas as an alternative to Weda – offcourse beside Bunaken J Regards Bent
  9. A short video from our trip til Puerto Galera and Apo Reef Enjoy
  10. Thanks Kevster The time lapse is made whir Sony EX1 and Panasonic ag - af 101. The moving time lapse is made whit a 1.5 m. Omnislider.
  11. Iceland is truly amazing - enjoy Bent Chilbal Film
  12. It seems that there is or soon is coming at least 3 interesting video light son the market. Gates VL 234 led, Aquavolt 5000 and L&M Sola 4000. Is there anybody, which can give some advice on which to prefer both to quality, price and so Could be interesting to hear peoples experience. Bent
  13. Just have to tell, that Paypall did a great job and I got my 6 K back, because I made a made a claim to Paypal. After a few weeks, I got my money back, and today I have a Gates house for my Panasonic POV – great house
  14. Is there anybode that know what hapens to Ampibico? The 29. april I made a Paypal Transaction on 6080 USD to pay for my new Panasonic POV house, but I have still not recieved any message from Amphibico. I have writen mails and tried to phone them several times the last 2 weeks - but I cant get through to them and they dont answer my mails - whats happening? From the facebook site "amphibico 360" I have had message, that other have the same experince with them - so be award - dont send any money before they answer the phone or mail regards Bent Yde Jørgensen Chilbal Film Møllevej 12, Reersø 4281 Gørlev Tlf. 5121 3057, 5920 9264 www.chilbal.dk Mail: chilbal@os.dk
  15. Wonderfull work Darek. Thanks for sharing it. I´me corious about your experince with the nano flash. Can yoy directly see the difference or is it purely matematic that maybe can be helpfull in post production. Bent
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