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  1. Looking for a Nauticam housing for D810, with Vacum and ports if you have some. Don't need strobes and arms. Thanks Brad
  2. I have 2 Ikelite DS 161s with li-ion batteries, 2 diffusers, 2 chargers, and both a single and dual strobe cables for Ikelite housings and 2 flash converters. $1000.00 for all plus shipping to the US. I will only accept PayPal. 2ea 4061.4 DS161 Strobe Li-ion II with 2 Battery Chargers. 2ea 4401.1 Fiber Optic Converter(2nd Gen ) 1ea 4070.32 Dual Cord ball arm kit but you will only get the dual strobe cord. NO BALL ARMS 1ea 4103.51 single cord- No box for this item. All items are in great shape with low use, less than 20 dives on them. Never Flooded or leaked, have manuals too. Have switched to a full frame setup and am not using these anymore. What you see in the Pic's is what you will get. Will also be selling Ikelite housing for Nikon D7200, Nikon D7200 camera body with low (9000) actuations and ports for Tokina 10-17 fisheye, 60mm and 105mm macro as a package. No Lenses, only the ports. Coming Soon !
  3. Looking for a Nauticam housing for Nikon D810 at not new price.
  4. Can you explain why adding the 77MM filter made such a difference ? Im thinking of going to a D850, already have a 60 and 10 macro and the 16-36mm was on my hit list. I have heard the 8-15mm is to niche and not an everyday lens.
  5. Still available ?
  6. With an upcoming purchase of a D850, what are the must have lenses ? I have a 60mm Macro and 105mm Macro. Thinking of a 8-15mm and....... Any Zoom lenses that produce great results when used underwater ? I like Nauticams flip with a SMC and a WWL-1 idea, lot of options for different pictures underwater. I dont want to be tied down to one lens option in case a great photo op comes along.
  7. I have a set of Ikelite DS 161s with with the better batteries, A single and split cable for Ikelite housings and optical converters I am thinking of selling. Low use, perfect condition with diffusers and in boxes. What kind of housing do you have ?
  8. Phxazcraig....Your history is similar to mine. I was shooting Sealife, then a TG3 to a TG 4 and then a D7200 in an Ikelite ( Big ) when I was on Kwajalein. Size was not a problem there cuz I was a block to the water. Now I have to travel to dive and size matters. Now Im in Korea and switched to a RX100V and am "Content" with it, but now I am after image quality when I shoot so. The picture gallery you have I can see the difference between the 810 and 850. ( Great pics by the way ! ). I would suffer with lugging more gear with better image Qaulity as a result.
  9. I will take the converter if still available.
  10. Thanks for all the input. I have thought about " the next one " and that the Z6/7 may be the upcoming camera to buy, but I never buy the first of anything until the bugs are worked out. Guess I will keep shooting with my current equipment and let the cards play out. Im not on that tiny island anymore where I could grab my camera and scuba kit and go jump in the water. Now its all about traveling to my next dive.
  11. I Am debating buying a new Nikon D850 with Nauticam Housing( and stuff !) vs buying a Nauticam Housing for my D810. I am not a professional photo geek, its just my hobby. I currently am shooting a TG5 and Sony RX100V both in Nauticam housings. I understand the Pixel difference but is there enough of the others positives to go ahead and make the purchase ?
  12. Hi, Im Brad living Working at Cp Casey in South Korea. Im a PADI OWSI/GUE and been doing UW Photos for a few years now. I Was lucky enough to get a Job at Kwajalein atoll and travel around the pacific diving. Now I have to fly to the Philippines, Thailand or Guam to get my fix. Im currently shooting a Sony RX100V in Nauticam, selling my Ikelite/ Nikon D7200 and moving toward a D850 soon. Blow bubbles ! Brad
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