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  1. How old is it ? How dives ? How many shutter clicks ?
  2. Looking for a Nauticam housing for Nikon D810 at not new price.
  3. Can you explain why adding the 77MM filter made such a difference ? Im thinking of going to a D850, already have a 60 and 10 macro and the 16-36mm was on my hit list. I have heard the 8-15mm is to niche and not an everyday lens.
  4. Still available ?
  5. With an upcoming purchase of a D850, what are the must have lenses ? I have a 60mm Macro and 105mm Macro. Thinking of a 8-15mm and....... Any Zoom lenses that produce great results when used underwater ? I like Nauticams flip with a SMC and a WWL-1 idea, lot of options for different pictures underwater. I dont want to be tied down to one lens option in case a great photo op comes along.
  6. I have a set of Ikelite DS 161s with with the better batteries, A single and split cable for Ikelite housings and optical converters I am thinking of selling. Low use, perfect condition with diffusers and in boxes. What kind of housing do you have ?
  7. Phxazcraig....Your history is similar to mine. I was shooting Sealife, then a TG3 to a TG 4 and then a D7200 in an Ikelite ( Big ) when I was on Kwajalein. Size was not a problem there cuz I was a block to the water. Now I have to travel to dive and size matters. Now Im in Korea and switched to a RX100V and am "Content" with it, but now I am after image quality when I shoot so. The picture gallery you have I can see the difference between the 810 and 850. ( Great pics by the way ! ). I would suffer with lugging more gear with better image Qaulity as a result.
  8. I will take the converter if still available.
  9. Thanks for all the input. I have thought about " the next one " and that the Z6/7 may be the upcoming camera to buy, but I never buy the first of anything until the bugs are worked out. Guess I will keep shooting with my current equipment and let the cards play out. Im not on that tiny island anymore where I could grab my camera and scuba kit and go jump in the water. Now its all about traveling to my next dive.
  10. I Am debating buying a new Nikon D850 with Nauticam Housing( and stuff !) vs buying a Nauticam Housing for my D810. I am not a professional photo geek, its just my hobby. I currently am shooting a TG5 and Sony RX100V both in Nauticam housings. I understand the Pixel difference but is there enough of the others positives to go ahead and make the purchase ?
  11. Hi, Im Brad living Working at Cp Casey in South Korea. Im a PADI OWSI/GUE and been doing UW Photos for a few years now. I Was lucky enough to get a Job at Kwajalein atoll and travel around the pacific diving. Now I have to fly to the Philippines, Thailand or Guam to get my fix. Im currently shooting a Sony RX100V in Nauticam, selling my Ikelite/ Nikon D7200 and moving toward a D850 soon. Blow bubbles ! Brad
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