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  1. www.wielkiblekti.pl This is the magazine. I need UW shots and 1 or 2 topside.
  2. I'm looking for high quality pictures and interesting stories about diving lakes, seas, rivers around Europe d.sepiolo@wielkiblekit.pl
  3. I'm looking for good quality pictures from Scapa Flow. d.sepiolo@wielkiblekit.pl
  4. I was asked to prepare material about this pair for National Geogrpahic so I did my research and I did see this fish upside down... http://www.fishbase.org/Summary/SpeciesSum...iesname=jacobus Found from shallow coral reefs to offshore deeper waters (Ref. 3724). A nocturnal species aggregating around coral reefs and deeper rocky reefs (Ref. 3724). Feeds mainly on planktonic organisms (Ref. 3724). Occasionally found swimming upside down (Ref. 9710). Marketed fresh but not popular as a food fish (Ref. 5217). There you go...
  5. I remember I've seen a short story ilustrating this case. The fish was upside down and the parasitic isopod was climbing its head. Or I had a dream
  6. Where can I find more information about this pair... Is that true that the parasitic climbes onto the fish head during the night when the fish sleeps upside down? Thx
  7. zero, joel's, vanessa, north emma, inglish those are top sites. but they will tell you the same ask them for shark teasing at joel's there's very friendly whitetip shark that became my cover star
  8. No worries. Just common sence. The opinion is exaggerated as the locals say.
  9. Hi Rand, That was really great time at Walinid... I saw your shots. Great macro stuff. You know I enjoyed my fisheye for the first time so I went more into WA. Hope to meet you again, one day, somewhere…
  10. Thank you again for all the comments. As for safety PNG is just as any other country, common sense will do. Port Moresby has its opinion but you don’t even see the city if you don’t want to. The rest of the country I visited was very safe and ppl were friendly. Bullet proof vest not needed
  11. Thank you Just one note that is lacy scorpionfish not lionfish
  12. Thx, thx, thx I'm flushing.... I just wanted to share some of the greatest UW moments in my life. PNG is truly diving paradise. Eric you'll have great time there.
  13. I've just come back from PNG - the best dive destination I've ever been to. Many thx to Max Benjamin and Dik Knight. This is Rand (above!) modeling for me (aka randapex)
  14. I've just come back form PNG. I've been diving all over the world and I can tell yopu that PNG is nr 1. Walindi and Loloata are very nice resotrs. You may also consider taking Star Dancer trip.
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