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  1. I'm selling an Ikelite housing for Canon HV20 or HV30. Reason for selling is because I need a better quality camera. The housing has been in the water about 5 times, never flooded, dropped or other damage. Includes red filter, O-ring and mirror with extra tape. I removed the mirror because it was easier to film through the viewfinder port (the image in the mirror is reversed) but you can put it back on with replacement tape Ikelite sent me. I also removed the "Ikelite digital" decal on the left side because it interfered with properly aligning the mirror with the LCD which Ikelite did not do well originally. Its a decent housing and provides control over essential functions, including manual white balance and manual aperture which are available through the camera menus, manual focus and zoom etc. Also takes still photos. Comes with original manufacturer packaging, manual and warranty. Please contact for questions. $650 OBO For a clip shot with this camera and housing: http://www.greglindseyphotography.com/nudibranch_HV20.mov
  2. I've saw some requests for HV20 footage so I thought I'd post something I found on another forum. http://hv20.com/showthread.php?p=45181 The footage is at http://gallery.mac.com/m5mike#100005 The edges are blurry because of the wide angle but if you can fix that, it looks nice. They used the Ikelite housing with the Inon wide angle lens, which doesn't work well for this setup. Greg
  3. Hi Gary, Sorry for delay, I would offer $100 for this lens if it is used but in spotless condition. Let me know what you think is fair. Greg
  4. The spots have been filled, thank you everyone for your interest. Greg
  5. I'm looking for a 28mm underwater lens for the Nikonos, must be in good condition and no scratches, fungus, or other damage. Aperture and focus knobs should turn smoothly. I will pay the fair price for it. I'm also looking for a dual strobe cord by sea&sea for the nikonos. I have to Sea & Sea strobes I would like to use with my nikonos. Thanks! Just send me a private message or post below. Don't contact me if you're not sure about selling it, two people have already flaked on me from this forum. Please send good pictures so I can see it for myself. Greg
  6. Hello fellow divers and photographers, I've already received one response which fellow through due to a medical injury, we're still looking for people to take the last couple spots! Wetpixel is organizing a trip on this same boat a few weeks after our trip coincidentally, so you know the diving will be good and the photo opportunities incredible. I was there a year ago and it was absolutely incredible. The difference is that we're going to explore some new spots around PNG, so you might be the first to check out some pristine reefs. Please see my previous posts for more information, or contact me. We're hoping to find some experienced and easy going divers, any age any background so long as you're responsible both in the water and topside, but I'm sure most people are. One spot, possibly the only spot, is discounted $500, so you will save money and there is also the possibility of a group airfare with Air Nuigini. check out www.febrina.com thanks for your interest! Greg
  7. If anyone is interested, one of the spots is being offered for $500 off the trip price. This spot is being given up by someone who reserved it and they're hoping that will provide an incentive for someone who might want to take it. If you've got any questions don't hesitate to contact me. Only this one spot has been discounted though. Greg
  8. I am with a private group chartering the Febrina October 5 - 19th and doing some exploratory diving around the reefs of Papua New Guinea. We still have some spots open and are looking for divers to join us. PNG is great for macro stuff and many of these spots will be remote and never dived before. The captain is wanting to find new spots and has been nice enough to let us charter the boat. So far there are 3 spots open. We're hoping we can find diver's who are experienced enough and know the proper etiquette for diving reefs and sharing a liveaboard with others. If you are interested in video, pictures or anything please let me know! Cost: $4000 We have a group rate for airfare and will include you in on this. Other accomodations are not included. Thanks for checking this out! These spots have been getting filled. Please contact me for any questions about this trip. www.febrina.com Greg
  9. Thanks everybody for the info and the offers. I'm going to go with an L&M housing either for the PD150 or VX2100. Two questions: what is the difference between the two? Is a PAL camera more desirable for versatility and smoother converting of frame rates? The decision between SD and HD is tough. HD from what I understand will give great if not superior quality when encoded in SD, although housing systems are way more expensive and the cameras don't have the low light performance like the PD150 for example. I'm worried though that SD is on its way out. Now I don't expect things to change soon but sooner or later everybody will require HD. What are your opinions on this? Is investing in an SD video system right now a good idea or will it be defunct in a few years? BTW I'm not buying broken cameras or incomplete set ups. I've narrowed things down to sony PD150/170 or VX2000/2100 in an L&M housing preferably with lights and wide angle port. Of course if you're selling an HD system I will consider.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I'm going to narrow things down since spending this much money means I need to be happy with what I buy. Light & Motion or Gates for 3 chip SD or HD camera, with lights and any other necessities. Cameras: DV, 3 chip by Sony, VX2000, PD 170 or 150, PD100A etc, preferably newer models, or Canon I need something which will give me usable footage for a stock agency, but I'm looking for the highest possible quality. I wouldn't mind hearing from people who have experience with any specific camera and housing and use it semi/professionaly. Greg
  11. Hi stefanie, I'm hoping to find a complete system including a camera. More specifically I'm looking for a newer SD camera, but I'm my primary consideration is image quality etc. Thanks for the info. Greg
  12. I'm looking for a complete system. Perhaps somebody has something they want to get rid. My top choice would be a Sony 3 chip camcorder in a Light and Motion housing with lights, preferably the the Sunray Pro system, but if you have something else I'll consider it. I intend on shooting both wide angle blue water as well as close up. If the price is right I'll buy it. And if you're not selling a camera but have advice on good SD camcorders, I'd like to hear that too. Thanks! Greg
  13. If you're at all interested read my other post for all the info: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=18144 This is not your ordinary liveaboard trip. I can't say how bummed I am at having to give this up, but as I've come to a cross-roads in my life, education or expensive dive trips every two years, I've decided to hold off on the dive trips a bit so I can graduate since I don't want to put things off any longer. Since I've already put down a deposit, I'm committed. If the trip sounds good to you (read the other post if you haven't) I will be happy to let you take my place. Quick details: October 5-21 2007 aboard the Febrina http://www.febrina.com/ ≈$4500 although I'm not sure, Yahoo deleted my emails from my friend coordinating the charter so it might be less, I will find out and correct this post. I have the feeling its less. Email me with any questions you have. Thanks for your consideration! Greg
  14. Hello everybody, First, my apologies for cross-posting. I wasn't sure where this post fits the best. This is NOT a commercial trip as I am only trying to find someone to fill my spot and will likely lose money on this. Last January 2006 I reserved a spot for a trip on the Febrina for this coming October 2007. The charter is 2 weeks long, from around the 5th to the 19th. Why am I not going? I need to graduate and this interferes with the semester. I would love to go and I'm really bummed its not during the summer or winter or I would definitely be there 100%. I was on the Star Dancer last January 2006 and the diving was phenomenal. It was so good my video footage shot on a crummy sony 1 chip in an ikelite got me a contract with a major stock footage agency (beginning with "G"). Whether or not thats a good thing, PNG is extraordinary. What's special about this trip? A friend of mine is chartering the boat privately. He and Capt Allen (who's character alone is worth the price of the trip) are doing EXPLORATORY diving in spots the captain wants to check out. These will be dive sites in remote locations where most likely nobody has ever been. The purpose of the trip is to explore and find new spots. I don't know the exact itinerary but I am bummed to have to give up my spot because this is something I've always wanted to do. I can get more details and hopefully answer most questions you have. The cost of the trip is around $4500 not including airfare. I have already put in 50% of this. I don't know the exact price because 2 days ago Yahoo erased all 2000 messages I had at that email for no apparent reason, so I lost all the emails from my friend who's chartering the boat. There is my spot plus maybe one or two other spots open as well. If you are interested, I'm looking for someone who 1) is an experienced diver (≈50 dives) 2) easy-going and gets along well with strangers, especially weird people like this group (just joking). I know most of them personally and they are a fun crowd, great divers and eco-minded. Please ask me any/all questions as I would like to keep this transparent. There is still plenty of time to arrange airfare. Email me for questions or if you'd like to talk by phone I will give you my number. Thanks for your interest and please spread the word! Greg October 5th - 19th http://www.febrina.com/Schedule2.html
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