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  1. Hi Scott, Sorry been slow to pick this up. I think it should be a 6 pin mini DIN connector? That is what I have used before to customise the internal cables in the past. Not sure which part of the World you are in, but should only be a few $£€ . Hope you get sorted soon Cheers Pete
  2. Hi Everyone, Sorry not been here for a very long time! No particular reason, just life getting in the way! Been taking pictures UW since 1984!!! Based in the UK, make most of my own housings, ports, and most other UWP bits. Nikon based, but also sometimes Olympus MFT. Cheers Pete
  3. Hi All, There is an instructions pdf for the Z-22 Quad/ringflash on the Inon America website at the bottom of the page. http://www.inonamerica.com/products.php?pr...=1&subcat=2 Hope it helps! Pete
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