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  1. I have a deal in the works, and will no longer be looking for a housing. Thank you. Edward
  2. Hello, and thank you for your offer. I am very close to settling on a housing at this point. I already have a pair of Ike DS 161 strobes. I didnt realize that there is now an option to convert them to fiber optic. As I already have several Subal ports, I am staying with a housing that will allow me to continue using some of what I have. Thank you again. Edward
  3. Thank you Chad. I have a couple that I am presently looking at. I look forward to seeing what you have available. Ed
  4. I am looking to purchase a housing for a Nikon D500. My preferred choices would be Subal or Nauticam, but I am not ruling out other options. I am also interested in pricing for the camera, lenses, ports and strobes, depending on which housing I buy. Thank you. Edward
  5. Thank you both for your reply and input. It helps a lot in making my decision. Ed
  6. I am looking to upgrade from a D7000 in a Subal housing. After reading posts comparing the D500 to the D850, I am leaning towards the 500. I use the Tokina 10-17 and the small Zen port a lot, and my understanding is that I will be a lot better pairing that with the D500. The cost savings of not needing to buy a new wide angle lens and port, along with the smaller size of the DX lenses and ports have a lot to do with my decision. As for my questions, I see a lot more Nauticam housings around. I see that they have an adapter that allows the use of Subal ports. Is there a reason to not go that route, as I already have Subal ports? Is there a another camera that I should also look at beyond the D500? I do shoot more wide angle than macro, but that has a lot to do with the fact that I did not buy a decent macro lens, and have not been happy with the results. I will be looking to get a good macro lens when I upgrade my camera and housing. Any thoughts and input is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Ed
  7. I like it on the strobe arms. It gets attached at the start of the trip, and stays there all week long. I can move it with my thumb of the right hand, so I is always very visible. Ed
  8. Hello all, Long time diver, but fairly new to Wetpixel. I have been diving since the mid 70's, having been on many liveaboards. I have a Nikon D7000 in a Subal housing, and do not dive without it. I hope to learn a few things here, to improve my results. Thank you. Ed
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