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  1. Just took the plunge and bought a Canon S40 with UW housing. Spent one week in the Philppines getting not too bad pictures. Either used internal flash and closeup or no flash and whitebalance adjustment to compensate colors. However, would like a slave strobe to get some more power... Found 2 cheap solutions at http://www.bhphotovideo.com Bonica Neon Strobe Light for 175USD incl. arm & handle http://www01.bhphotovideo.com/default.sph/...6666___REFERER= Morris Underwater slave flash for amazing 66USD but no arm & handle http://www01.bhphotovideo.com/default.sph/...6666___REFERER= Any experience with the above items? I am especially looking for more information on the Morris. It's too cheap to be true! And yes, I know that an Ikelite would be better, but am not willing to spend the $$ Will also test with a normal slave flash if camera fires dual strobes (in which case I'll just forget about it...)
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