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  1. Hi Underwaterguy, I'd be interested in hearing how it goes — have been thinking of picking up a new Hero7 Black and would value the advice before splashing out! Cheers!
  2. Thanks for the video Tom! I have been thinking about a GH5 (for my first serious camera) and wondered if you could expand a bit more on why you think they aren't as good for stills? The 4k 60 frames per second is something I would like, but I also want to be able to use the camera for stills (above and below water. You mentioned that you use the Panasonic GX7 for most of your photo and video any chance you could run me through the pros and cons of that model vs the GH5? Thanks heaps for your help! Aero
  3. Hi there! My name is Aero and I've been diving for five years mostly in the GBR doing scientific volunteer work. Have never really had the cash to get set up with a good camera but have put a little together now and a friend recommended I join up! Would love to learn a bit about underwater photography/videography and hope to buy a setup (Panasonic GH5). Cheers for now!
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