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  1. Hi. Thanks for letting me know, sorry I wasnt aware of that - I was going on the average price listed for similar housings when I checked earlier in the year. I think $500 was an exceptional deal, but maybe im out of touch. What do you think it is worth? Open to your best offer. I will list it separately, along with some other gear (extensions 18457 x2, zoom gears 48708 and 18708, and Schneider Optics B&W 82mm +2 close up diopter). Cheers.
  2. Just looked at Backscatter and see they have the 5D4 housing reduced from $3031 to sale price of $2576. Happy to reduce to $1000.
  3. USD$1200 for the housing (incl vacuum sensor, valve and pump)
  4. Hi there. I have an Aquatica 5D Mark II housing in excellent condition that ive been meaning to list because i havent used it for the last year. It has an Aquatica Surveyor vacuum sensor and pump fitted. Will post some photos of it when i get home after the weekend. Happy to ship from New Zealand. Also have the 5D II camera body to sell too, also in excellent condition, 25000 shutter count. Open to offers. Cheers.
  5. Kia ora. Is it possible to shoot 2nd curtain sync with my setup: Canon 5Diii, Aquatica housing, Sea & Sea YS-D1 strobes w Nikonos style electrical sync cords? Cheers, James.
  6. I have an Aquatica Canon 5d Mark II Housing in great condition. Are you still looking to buy one? Cheers.
  7. JWNZ

    Diopter for WA?

    Many thanks for the info guys, much appreciated.
  8. Hi there. Would you recommend I use a diopter with my Canon 16-35 f4 lens? I use it with either the Aquatica 9.5" glass dome or the 8" acrylic dome. Any advice appreciated. James.
  9. Hi there. I'm James from New Zealand and have just signed up with Wetpixel. Cheers.
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