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  1. Thought that was probably the case, probably stick with dual strobes and go with a video light that can double as a focus light. That was a useful link, thanks!
  2. Hello, I am looking into getting into underwater photography. Been doing a lot of research in setting up a rig, decided to go with the RX 100 V for a starter camera. I didn't want to take my D500 underwater without the higher priced housing, and the RX seems more versatile. My main question is about the strobe feature on the Kraken Hydra 3500S+. I was hoping to get some comparison to a strobe like the YS-D2J. I'd imagine the Kraken wouldn't have nearly the features as the YS-D2J but wasn't sure of the differences since I can't find much out about the strobe feature for the kraken. I'd like to get some high quality photos so I would like some good strobes, but figured if I could get a dual purpose light for video or strobe that would be a cheaper starting option. But I'd like to know how well that flash works before I go for that setup. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Kraken Hydra 3500S+ WSRU
  3. Hello, my name is Nate and I'm getting into underwater photography. Figured I'd find a good forum to ask questions.
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