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  1. I am wondering what battery and charger you was using. There are tons of battery claimed that they have over 2500mah but turn out I tested it with a GOOD charger with discharge functions. Most of them fail. Only few brands and models can be, one of them is eneloop, the newer version do have different name in th market (harmolattice, eneloop X...etc). but anyway they are all 2500mah. And if you use it with pro3, that can last for 65 minutes and the brightness didn't change. I tested with dslr by fixing it on tripod and using fixed f/stop and shutter, took photo every 5 minutes at the 1st 50 minutes. I found all exposure are the same. ANd started from 50 mins, took picture every 2 minutes. The pro3 started to go dimmer at 66 minutes, and can up to 90 minutes still going (maybe half brightness) At hk I there are many ppls using this pro3 or previous model i-torch video, but some of them always complain the torch burn time only 30 mins. But they never figure out that 1 of 4 battery in the tray was DEAD!! they can spend $300 to buy a torch but not $30 for a GOOD charger. Or not even test it with Duracell which I am sure can last 60 minutes. if you say the # of battery can affect the burn time, you need to know the energy density of different batteries but simply say AH x voltage = Wh, the total power in battery. eneloop 2500mah = 2.5Ah. working voltage is 1.2V so each battery is 3WH, and 4 of them is 12Wh, means if there are no lost, the LED run @12W, can burn 1hr or (10W, 72 minutes) same here, the pro mini battery is 2900mah = 2.9ah, working voltage is 3.7V, power = 10.7Wh pro4 battery is 5.5Ah, 5.5 x 3.7 = 20.35wh you cannot just count the # of battery!! if you can do this, manufacturer can make a 10000 lumens light with 100x LR44 watch battery.
  2. hi john, why I ask you to compare the red with sola, as I want to know if the mandrain fish will CARE above sola 600 or not. IF all the 3 lights the same, what make sola600 different? And i do think the Mandrain fish maybe trained for years to notice red light.... By the way, I am playing with my 3x Video Pro2 and just did some DIY reflector to make it soft edge. Will test it at Philippines tmr for some wide angle. regards Kelvin
  3. I would like to ask, what kind of light you will use for wide angle? how much lumens will be enough? And you use it for night dive or day dive? how deep? My instructor told me when he shot the werck for a TV program, he have to use 6x 100W HID. I will suggest you to use the same with a decent result. I had a chance to use 2x FE 1500 for my video with FE G-12 housing with the UWL-04 lenses, but still...not enough. But I cannot say FE 1500 is not video light. It is good for macro too. in short, did you use sola600 to compare the red?
  4. oh.....these few days received some PM asking about the torch. Acutually I am not selling this here and also.....not for sales yet. The manufacturer only supply to certain customers of him but not for public.......yet. Just let you guys know some powerful lights out there, and this kind of new stuffs may not be produced so fast by those big brands. As they already invest a lot in their tooling for the Luxeon type LED and no way change it overnight. And also, Phillips Lumiled already announced at Jan that they can produce a new single unit LED giving 500 Lumens. And said mass production will be possible within this year. So the LED industry guest the led tech will be flying this year. Home use LED as a main light source will be within 2 years. maybe 2 more years.....no more xeon as a dive light.
  5. 1 battery + 2 heads, small one is old version Luxeon LED 3W x3. with charger, just screw out the head, plug in! 4 hours charge time, but 1st 2 hours charged 90% Magnetic switch 6X CREE high output LED, each 160 LUMENS, lens samiliar to NOVA torch 3X Luxeon 3W LED X3, each 80 lumens the connector The main body O-ring Size 6-7 inchs 3 X CREE should be small enough and powerfu enough CAP for travelling Don be misleaded, the light itself come with 1 light head, 1 charger, 1 sea and sea adaptor, 1 battery body. the battery is Li-ion battery with 3X 2400mAh (18650) 11.1V. Another choice is 6X, but 6.5cm longer. Light head you can pick xeon blub (14W/28W), Luxeon 3WX3 (9W), CREE X3 (7W) or CREE x6 (14W) price for CREEX3 is around US$450.
  6. If the buyer call the card center claimed that the card was stolen and being used by somebody to buy staffs, Paypal will be charged back by card company. Paypal will draw $ from your card account too.
  7. OPPSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I forgot to post the product shot. I will post it tonight, now the production is limited. Only some tech diver site have some group purchase. Also have canster light available. Tested at camber at 80M or over. Using magnetic switch on/off. I will post it tonight.
  8. Cree LED is the most efficient light, each W supplying 80 lumens UK 100 Q40 2X22W fluorescent light 3X 2.7W CREE 6X 2.7W CREE the camera set @ 1M far, F4.5, 1/60s, ISO100 My fisheye HD20DX was not with me, will do a shot later. THe CREE no hot spot, if distant is 12", the diament of light is also 12" each CREE give away 160 Lumens. So powerful. Light made of Delyin (donno how to spell)
  9. Thanks Thanks! I just went there at New year and have count down party there. So crazy, we are group of 15 and start throwing ppls down to the pool......finally everybody get wet! And I was so bc that trip and didn't take many photos, coz this group of 15 is helping me to propose my girl friend underwater at the CROSS.
  10. I think Xeon bulb or even Luxeon LED already out dated....... high output CREE LED DIVE light already appear at Asia. fisheye FIX20DX size with 480 Lumens, 3.5 hrs burning time @ full power. 60 degree reflector without hotspot. The cons is.........just too bright for those little bashful fish.
  11. hihi......got me 15 minutes to figure out how to post my 1st topic. My dive trip at Philippines Anilao and Similan Thailand
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