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  1. Hello, Unfortunately, your tale of woe doesn't surprise me at all!... It may be worth contacting Sea & Sea direct? Their base in Devon has always been really helpful.... Cheers Chris
  2. Great stuff, thanks for posting that. Respect, as you say, to the indie film makers like this! Thanks Chris
  3. Hi Stew, Out of interest, which company did you find on the IOW? Cheers Chris
  4. Hello, I've always used my 2 5 pin sea and sea sync chords with 2 sea and sea strobes with no problems.... maybe I shouldn't have read the INON manual?! Bit confused but the strobes are firing ok. Thanks for the replies C
  5. Hi all, Apologies if this has been discussed before but I am just setting up some new Z240s I'm confused and frustrated, can anyone help? I use my strobes manually, so according to my (v.complicated!) manual I need to insert the TTL insulating plate into the strobe connector. Am I reading this correctly because the wretched things are next to impossible to insert, ARGH! What will happen if I don't use them? Any tips on how to insert them? Help! I'm using them with a Nikon D200/Sea & Sea housing Thanks in advance Chris
  6. It is worth it though! I also started on olympus 5060/ikelite...I'd never go back! Have fun in Cebu!
  7. I am also off to Cebu in March!! Meanwhile, have you tried Alan James Photography as I believe he rents some Sea & Sea housings? He is Bristol based and I think his website is "marine cameras" Hope that helps Cheers Chris
  8. Thanks Marli, I am keeping an eye on ebay too! I just wondered if anyone had heard of this combination housing/camera. Cheers Chris
  9. Hi there, I currently own a D200/ Sea & Sea housing and have been looking around to find a back-up housing now they don't make them any more! Is it true that the D200 fits into the Sea & SeaDX-S5? Does anyone have any experience of this? Thanks in advance Chris
  10. Hi Jon, That was just camera and housing, no extras like lights or lenses, but I'm starting to realise even that may have been a little idealistic and I may need to add to that! Top whack is probably £2500. Video cameras don't seem as cheap as DSLR's! Argh! Regards Chris
  11. Thanks Drew, I will get reading about the new formats, as really I think thats where my great bewilderment lies! I am mainly interested in using it for filming students whilst doing technical courses as I find this helps them enormously, and have a 'budget' of £1500 ish. I may make DVD copies if it is a particularly good dive! Off to find out about HD Codec??!!! Cheers Chris
  12. Hi, Can anyone help? I am a reasonably experienced underwater DSLR user but would like to and need to (for work purposes), buy an underwater video camera system. Can anyone point me in the right direction as I know absolutely nothing about video cameras!! I am looking to film students on technical courses, so a decent housing is a must, but I am clueless as to the desirable elements of a video camera.. Thanks in advance Chris
  13. Hi there, I always set up my gear the day before a dive as its the only time I will get peace and quiet enough to do it! I know that the pressure is on the O ring for longer this way but I make sure to change and check them regularly.I would rather do it this way than rush setting up the housing the morning of a dive... Just my thoughts, for what its worth... but I have been happy doing this for a couple of years now Cheers Chris
  14. Just over a year old and in perfect working order , I am selling my IKELITE DS125 Strobe as I have changed my underwater set-up and this is now surplus to requirements. It is an excellent strobe that I used on around 30 dives. For full specs check out Cameras Underwater PM me for details or photos New, this strobe retails at £749 and as it is in very good condition, I am looking to sell it for £550 ono. Paypal and UK only though,sorry!
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