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  1. Hi! I just want to share my wonderful experiences with Devon at Pacific Housing Repair in California. After flooding my Sea and Sea Strobe years ago he spent quite a bit of time on the phone with talking about how to prevent flooding, and with my repaired strobe sent me a cleaning kit including a remote control (a tv remote) that I could use to test the strobe. Just recently I upgraded the stobes. After a little use, one had a problem. I called the shop I bought them from and was told I'd have to mail the strobe in. I live in Cozumel, so that's challenging and expensive. I remembered my wonderful chat with Devon several years previously. I called him. With extreme patience he walked me through the multiple steps he would've done. Da Tum! It was fixed, and he told me about a port unknown to me that had O rings requiring greasing. And, we had a lovely chat. I absolutely recommend him.
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