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  1. N-85 Nauticam Acrylic 7inch Dome Port. Glass is in perfect condition. Minor scuff on metal, otherwise in great shape. Ring seal is good. Asking $275.00 Thanks! Wiley
  2. Looking to turnover my complete 4K Black Magic Cinema Camera kit. This package is turnkey and ready to rip. In great condition. Paid $7900 for complete package, excluding the external power source, which I will throw in for free ($150 value). Asking $5950. Serious offers only, these packages are hard to get. Camera & Panasonic 12-35 Lumix 2.8 Lens included. Nauticam housing for BMCC 4K Nauticam zoom gear for Panasonic 12-35 Lumix 2.8 Nauticam focus gear for Panasonic 12-35 Lumix 2.8 Nauticam N85 6" Wide Angle Port with Focus Knob Here's some footage I shot with this amazing set-up this passed winter: https://vimeo.com/381059446 Receipts & Package photos available upon request! Thanks, Wiley
  3. Some pretty insane striped marlin footage. I'm actually going to sell this UW set-up, the image on the BMCC 4K is pretty insane. https://vimeo.com/381059446
  4. Unfortunately Nauticam doesn't make a pocket 6K housing yet. Probably 6 month to a year out, or else I would have bought one of those! Plenty of power with the 18650 battery tray
  5. Hey peeps, Check out this video I shot with the new BMCC 4K pocket Cinema Camera... Most the UW footage is towards the middle of the video. Some GoPro spliced in there as well. For some reason some minor pixel binning with youtube's compression, but for my first time using the camera, I thought it was pretty awesome. Link:
  6. Looking to unload my Nauticam zoom gear for Sony E 16-70 Lens. I really liked this lens set-up actually, better then the 10-18, it just gives you more diversity. I also have the 7inch dome port to go with this in another listing... From Nauticam: Zoom gear for Sony mirrorless underwater housings (a6000, a6300, a6500). We recommending using the 7-inch mirrorless dome port. New: $230 My price: $130
  7. Looking to unload my Nauticam 7-inch N85 Dome port. Port is basically in perfect condition. Looking to sell for $400.00 Switched housings, so no longer using my N85 system. New Cost: $600 My item: $400
  8. Asking: $1,750 Selling my used A6500 underwater camera video//still photo camera set up. The camera is great, but time for me to upgrade, as I mainly shoot video and want the BMPCC 2 system $$$$ I have the strobe mounts and handle strap, they just are not in the kit pictured here... I took them off, as I only use for free-diving and wanted to streamline my setup. Open to parting out if can sell at decent price point. NAUTICAM NA-A6500 W/ Camera body (A6500) and NAUTICAM 7" ACRYLIC WIDE-ANGLE DOME PORT FOR SONY E MOUNT 10-18MM F4 & 16-70MM F4
  9. What Gopro lens filters for deeper underwater use are working the best? I can't seem to find one with high-quality glass.
  10. Free Dive Spearfishing film I shot and directed from Southern Baja a while back. Hope you enjoy the film making aspect.
  11. Anyone have any mask spray that they recommend that is enviro friendly? Cheers,
  12. This looks awesome. Feeling any constraints working with the micro 4/3'rds sensor?
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