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  1. I stayed at Raja4Divers this past December and loved it, the resort is beautiful and the diving operation was very good i thought.
  2. Thanks Bent, I appreciate it!
  3. Hi everyone, I'm looking for some help in narrowing down locations for an upcoming trip (2 weeks somewhere in Nov '12-Mar'13 range). I want to do Indonesia, but there are so many different places, it's all pretty confusing. I'm looking for advice on an area that has good variety- great coral, great reef life, great macro, some muck. Also would like a good house reef. If somebody could help me narrow down to a location, that would be awesome, and i'll look into resorts from there. Thanks!!
  4. Great points Rocha. Another thought was if the relatively well monitored fishery in Hawaii is shut down, it would place a greater demand on the more poorly run fisheries in SE Asia. Let's face it, the marine aquarium industry isn't going anywhere, and there will always be a demand for Pacific fish, and the hole caused by shutting down Hawaii will have to be supplemented from somewhere. Is it better to have them collected from Hawaii, where there is some monitoring and control, or from Indonesia/Philippines with cyanide and dynamite?
  5. Did a cage dive in SA last year, used my tokina 10-17, and it worked well for me. Clearly you don't have that option though. I would shoot wide, because the viz usually is not great, and your best shots will be when the shark is close anyways (due to the viz). As for strobes, leave them home! A. there's no room in the cage for strobes, and B. again, the viz isn't good, and you'll get major backscatter, especially since there's no room in the cage to make the arms go wide. If you try to use strobes, you'll probably make enemies pretty quick (as you hit somebody in the head with a strobe). there was a very good article in Underwater Photography magazine on white shark cage diving (from australia, but it still applies). some of my pictures can be seen here if intested (shows the conditions you may encounter) http://overunderphotography.smugmug.com/So...004914403_B8ZW9
  6. If anybody is interested, I have pictures of the housing up at: http://overunderphotography.smugmug.com/Ot...0712023_kSJZTHL Thanks!
  7. Hi all, I am selling my used Canon Digital Rebel XT (350D Silver) DSLR and Ikelite Housing (6871.35). Camera and housing are used, with the associated minor wear and tear, but are in great working condition. Comes with the camera body, at least 3 batteries and 2 chargers, camera body cap, Ikelite housing, housing port cap, main housing O-ring, tray and handles. Does not include ports, strobes or lenses. A great setup for starting out with UW DSLR photography, especially for those who already have some canon lenses. Retail price when I bought it was around $2,000, looking to get $800 for both, plus shipping. Pictures available on request. Thanks!!! Phillip Here is the link to the housing on Ikelite’s main page: http://www.ikelite.com/web_pages/2dslr_350d.html Some pictures I have taken with this camera and housing can be found here: http://overunderphotography.smugmug.com/Ha...746656495_6vmyw http://overunderphotography.smugmug.com/In...766528424_EBrTB http://overunderphotography.smugmug.com/In...768730780_LVpxM
  8. Bought an ikelite housing and 8" dome from eperet1986, items were well packed and in great condition, shipping was fast, communication was excellent. Excellent seller, a pleasure to work with! Thanks!
  9. Let us know how things turn out! I was going to post this exact question (10-17 vs 17-40 for white sharks in SA), and would love to know what you ended up doing. Have fun!
  10. Hi Carol, great pictures! I just wanted to say that slug on the seahorse is a baby Bursatella leachii. I've cultured them before, and thats how they look at a ~2-3 months old.
  11. Hi guys, wanted to chime in with something. The biggest problem with a set of "rules" is it gives people the impression they can enforce these "rules". As a biologist, when I see something neat underwater, I like to investigate it, and if that involves careful touching, there is no harm in it. But the last thing I want is to come to the surface and have someone start a fight with me over something that I know is perfectly harmless. As Craig says, who are you (or me for that matter) to judge what harms marine life and what doesnt? Have you ever seen a nudibranch or fish drop dead from being carefully touched or moved? I would argue that these animals aren't exactly little Einstiens (more so invertebrates than fish), and as such, probably don't even recognize a careful touch from a person as anything different than a bump by a hermit crab or a swaying gorgonian. Just my 2 cents. Phillip
  12. i'm more of a silent reader than a poster on forums, but since nobody was chiming in, i thought i'd throw in my 1/2 cent. I stayed at Taveuni Island Resort for my honeymoon in dec, it isn't a dive resort (anymore, it used to be apparently) but its on the beach and had a nice reef right off the beach. I snorkelled off the beach, and i'm sure you can get tanks from one of the 2 dive operators right next door (swiss divers and jewel bubble divers). The two pictures are from the reef right off the beach. hope this helps.
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