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  1. Turns out I'm probably not going to worry about wide angle anyway. I started researching compatible wide-angle lenses for the LX10 because I love the perspective they provide. However, almost all have significant vignetting because of the native 24mm lens. I read that to remove the vignetting, the camera has to zoom to 35mm for all the lenses, which unfortunately removes a significant portion of the FOV and still has some distortion there too. The only wide angle lens that didn't have negative review with the LX10 is the WWL-1, but I don't want a huge, heavy, $1300 lens. Lower size, weight, maneuverability, and cost win out here for me. It's looking now like I'm just going to buy a Nauticam Wet-Mate Dome Port to give me a little bit of a wider view and forgo a proper wide-angle wet lens. I'll be missing out on some nice shots, but that's the compromise I'm willing to have. I'm assuming that two S-2000s will be more than adequate for the ~74 degree horizontal FOV that I'll get with the wet-mate? If so, I'll very likely be getting another one then.
  2. I'm looking for the exact same thing - a wide angle lens that doesn't have significant vignetting. Scubaboard had a pretty good thread talking about wide angle lenses for the LX10 and nobody seemed to find one that worked well. The last post specifically discusses the NAl-LX10 case and how he couldn't find anything that worked. https://www.scubaboard.com/community/threads/the-results-are-in-i-finally-got-into-the-pool-to-test-these-lenses-krl-01-vs-uwl-09-pro.566574/ I spoke with Backscatter and they recommended only the WWL-1 and UWL-09 Pro for the NA-LX10, both of which are huge, heavy, and cost over a thousand dollars. As stated in the thread above, the UWL-09 Pro needed to be zoomed out to 36mm to remove the vignetting, which looses significant FOV, and it still soft in the corners. Divephotoguide.com did a really positive review of the NA-LX10 + WWL-1 and didn't mention any vignetting. I would imagine that the WWL-1 would probably work the best out of any wide angle lens, but the size, weight, and cost is a little much.
  3. Thanks everyone. This information definitely makes me think about getting the YS-01, especially since it has some wide angle capacity and I'd like to have that option in the future.
  4. I ask because the most recent Backscatter testing shows the YS-01 being notably more powerful than the S-2000, and they don’t even show the S-2000 on the "with diffusers" graph. I’m a novice at UW photography, so is this power difference significant enough to warrant going with the YS-01? I currently use a lumix LX10 and a single S-2000. I really like the S-2000’s small size – I want to keep my whole rig quite compact and know neither are powerful enough for wide angle photography - and I am looking to get another strobe. If changing to two YS-01 is worthwhile (max flash power, quicker recycle times, etc.) even though they’re significantly bigger, I’m willing to get two and sell my S-2000. I’m looking for any help and opinions. Thanks.
  5. Hi, my name is Mike. I've been taking underwater photos for years with a canon S110, but have never really been doing it properly. I hope to learn a lot here to get better photos.
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