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  1. Lowered price for the a flip diopter holder: $200 shipped to US. Contact me for international shipping cost.
  2. For sale is a Nauticam M67 flip diopter holder for M67 macro ports, SKU# 25101. Almost brand-new condition - used for ~10 dives. I have switched to the bayonet system, so I have no need for two diopter mounts. $210 + shipping. Also, two i-Das 5" arms for sale. Again, almost brand new condition - ~ 10 dives. $30 shipped to US. $230 + shipping for all three.
  3. Well..I just. bought a WWL-C. I have a trip in October and really wanted to have the lens for it. I tested it in my wash basin with the nauticam LX-10 case and vignetting was eliminated at 28mm for f/11, f/8. f/5.6, f/4, f/2.8, which is way better than I was expecting considering Nauticam's compatibility chart: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SLJDkS0NLLbYHUShF6Krof-dufWMynop/view says 32mm-72mm. Am I missing something here? I made sure to burp the lens. Could it be the photo aspect ratio or because I was using aperture priority mode during the test? Right now, I don't see why they stated 32mm. I am super happy though with only having to zoom to 28mm, which gives a 122 deg FOV (using ChrisRoss's ratio method above).
  4. UWL-H100 28 M67 has been sold. Price reduction: Nauticam Wetmate: $100 + shipping or best offer Macromate Mini: $50 shipped to US, $45+shipping to anywhere else
  5. Item #1 is the Inon UWL-H100 28 M67 Wide Conversion Lens Type 2. I should have been more clear in my original description.
  6. Can you email me a few more pictures especially the label on the UWL-H100 Type 2 lens?



  7. I have 3 lenses for sale. If you' like more pictures or have any questions, please feel free to PM me. 1. Inon UWL-H100 Type 2 without dome. Very good condition and glass is totally clean. I purchased just prior to the WWL-C being announced, which will fit my needs better than the Inon. $225 + shipping. 2. Nauticam Wet-Mate Dome. Has a 3mm scratch on the middle of the outer lens. Scratch is invisible in photos unless the photo is taken directly into a light source. Otherwise, it's in good shape. $125 + shipping or best offer. 3. +15 MacroMate Mini. Very good condition and glass is totally clear. $60 + shipping.
  8. Correct, the UWL-H100 does not have any vignetting with the Nauticam LX-10 case when using video. I did see that thread, and I just tested it in my tub to confirm. Any interest in buying a UWL-H100 Type 2 in great shape? The Weefine WFL-01 is the same lens as the Kraken KRL-01, and it received a pretty poor review on this thread: https://www.scubaboard.com/community/threads/the-results-are-in-i-finally-got-into-the-pool-to-test-these-lenses-krl-01-vs-uwl-09-pro.566574/ I've also tried a Nauticam wet-made dome port (their "air lens") and zooming to eliminate the vignetting also cancels out any benefit the lens provided, to the point I actually lost FOV. Because I think I'll have to zoom to ~32mm for any wide angle lens, I feel the WWL-C is my best bet at this point.
  9. I wouldn't go with the UWL-H100 28M67. I have one and you have to zoom to 34mm to eliminate the vignetting. Without the dome, zooming in that far basically eliminates any FOV increase the lens is supposed to achieve. 100 degree FOV zoomed that far gives me very little increase in the FOV, I'm guessing around 75 degrees, whereas an underwater uncorrected 24mm lens is supposed to give ~63 degrees. Granted, I've only tested it in my bathtub and those numbers are a rough guess, but I wasn't happy at all with the FOV. Unfortunately, I bought it in just before the WWL-C was announced. I expecting to use the UWL-H100 in March, which didn't happen for obvious reasons. As for adding the dome of the UWL-H100, I've read that it's super heavy and has soft corners, so that's one I wouldn't invest in.
  10. Did you test other apertures to see what zoom is needed to remove the vignetting? If one has to zoom to 28mm or 30mm (resulting in a reduced FOV, say 110 deg instead of 130 deg) for f/8 or f/5.6, that's still much better to me than the native lens' FOV of ~60 degrees. Does the lens maintain sharp corners? Its tough to tell with the small resolution pictures in your post. Also, can you provide a little more info as to why you prefer the WWL-1 over the WWL-C? Both appear to need some zoom to remove vignetting. Sorry for all the questions, but I'm still in search of a wide angle for the LX-10.
  11. Marc, that's sounds great. I've been waiting for quite a while to hear some actual experiences with the WWL-C, especially with the Nauticam LX10 housing. I thought about buying one a few months ago when both Backscatter and Bluewater had their huge sale that included Nauticam, but I couldn't spend $1k+ on a lens without some sort of review from somebody. Regarding vignetting, do you need to zoom to eliminate it? In your post above, you imply that it's not needed. However, Nauticam's compatibility chart for the WWL-C states that the LX10 working focal range is 32-72mm, which would require considerable zoom since the camera starts at 24mm. If it truly has corner-to-corner sharpness, that puts it way above any other wide angle lens for the LX10, in my opinion. Please keep us posted with any other insights and experiences with the lens.
  12. Have you taken a look at Pinnacle wetsuits? They have a huge number of sizes and maybe one would fit you - would definitely be less expensive than a custom suit. I struggled to find wetsuits that fit me until I discovered them and one of their sizes fits me perfectly. Now I'm on my 4th wetsuit of theirs and still really like them.
  13. A friend sold me a pair of S&S YS-01s because I want to do some wide-angle, so I’m putting up my S-2000 up for sale. Comes with the original box and accessories, Inon Optical D Cable Type L (17 in. length), and a ball adapter. Strobe is in good condition (very light scratches on the body and face) and works great. PM me if you’d like additional photos. $325 shipped to Continental US. International shipping will be extra.
  14. I was interested enough in the compatibility with their LX10 case that I messaged Nautiacam and they said, "This combination [NA-LX10 + WWL-C] hasn't been tested yet, but we will evaluate for compatibility before the lens ships." So, it wasn't excluded from the list on purpose. When finally tested, I'm definitely hoping it works well with the LX10.
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