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  1. Marc, that's sounds great. I've been waiting for quite a while to hear some actual experiences with the WWL-C, especially with the Nauticam LX10 housing. I thought about buying one a few months ago when both Backscatter and Bluewater had their huge sale that included Nauticam, but I couldn't spend $1k+ on a lens without some sort of review from somebody. Regarding vignetting, do you need to zoom to eliminate it? In your post above, you imply that it's not needed. However, Nauticam's compatibility chart for the WWL-C states that the LX10 working focal range is 32-72mm, which would require considerable zoom since the camera starts at 24mm. If it truly has corner-to-corner sharpness, that puts it way above any other wide angle lens for the LX10, in my opinion. Please keep us posted with any other insights and experiences with the lens.
  2. Have you taken a look at Pinnacle wetsuits? They have a huge number of sizes and maybe one would fit you - would definitely be less expensive than a custom suit. I struggled to find wetsuits that fit me until I discovered them and one of their sizes fits me perfectly. Now I'm on my 4th wetsuit of theirs and still really like them.
  3. A friend sold me a pair of S&S YS-01s because I want to do some wide-angle, so I’m putting up my S-2000 up for sale. Comes with the original box and accessories, Inon Optical D Cable Type L (17 in. length), and a ball adapter. Strobe is in good condition (very light scratches on the body and face) and works great. PM me if you’d like additional photos. $325 shipped to Continental US. International shipping will be extra.
  4. I was interested enough in the compatibility with their LX10 case that I messaged Nautiacam and they said, "This combination [NA-LX10 + WWL-C] hasn't been tested yet, but we will evaluate for compatibility before the lens ships." So, it wasn't excluded from the list on purpose. When finally tested, I'm definitely hoping it works well with the LX10.
  5. I too am very interested in this lens. I hope not listing the LX10 case is just an oversight because I'm not looking to get a different camera at this point. Will Nauticam be able to solve the corner softness and significant vignetting that most of the other wide angle lenses have with compact 24mm cameras?
  6. HI. I'm looking for a Inon UWL-H100 28M67 Type 2 lens without the dome. Looking only for a Type 2 since I have a Nauticam case. PM me if you have one you're willing to part with. Thanks.
  7. I'm looking for the following items: 1. Inon S-2000 in good condition. I don't care about some scratches, but I would like it to be fully working. 2. Inon Optical D Cable, Type L (~17 inches long). 3. 2 Stix floats, size Jumbo (not large). They only sell them in 4-packs and see no reason to buy an extra 2 when I only need 2. Please PM me if you have any of the above.
  8. Turns out I'm probably not going to worry about wide angle anyway. I started researching compatible wide-angle lenses for the LX10 because I love the perspective they provide. However, almost all have significant vignetting because of the native 24mm lens. I read that to remove the vignetting, the camera has to zoom to 35mm for all the lenses, which unfortunately removes a significant portion of the FOV and still has some distortion there too. The only wide angle lens that didn't have negative review with the LX10 is the WWL-1, but I don't want a huge, heavy, $1300 lens. Lower size, weight, maneuverability, and cost win out here for me. It's looking now like I'm just going to buy a Nauticam Wet-Mate Dome Port to give me a little bit of a wider view and forgo a proper wide-angle wet lens. I'll be missing out on some nice shots, but that's the compromise I'm willing to have. I'm assuming that two S-2000s will be more than adequate for the ~74 degree horizontal FOV that I'll get with the wet-mate? If so, I'll very likely be getting another one then.
  9. I'm looking for the exact same thing - a wide angle lens that doesn't have significant vignetting. Scubaboard had a pretty good thread talking about wide angle lenses for the LX10 and nobody seemed to find one that worked well. The last post specifically discusses the NAl-LX10 case and how he couldn't find anything that worked. https://www.scubaboard.com/community/threads/the-results-are-in-i-finally-got-into-the-pool-to-test-these-lenses-krl-01-vs-uwl-09-pro.566574/ I spoke with Backscatter and they recommended only the WWL-1 and UWL-09 Pro for the NA-LX10, both of which are huge, heavy, and cost over a thousand dollars. As stated in the thread above, the UWL-09 Pro needed to be zoomed out to 36mm to remove the vignetting, which looses significant FOV, and it still soft in the corners. Divephotoguide.com did a really positive review of the NA-LX10 + WWL-1 and didn't mention any vignetting. I would imagine that the WWL-1 would probably work the best out of any wide angle lens, but the size, weight, and cost is a little much.
  10. Thanks everyone. This information definitely makes me think about getting the YS-01, especially since it has some wide angle capacity and I'd like to have that option in the future.
  11. I ask because the most recent Backscatter testing shows the YS-01 being notably more powerful than the S-2000, and they don’t even show the S-2000 on the "with diffusers" graph. I’m a novice at UW photography, so is this power difference significant enough to warrant going with the YS-01? I currently use a lumix LX10 and a single S-2000. I really like the S-2000’s small size – I want to keep my whole rig quite compact and know neither are powerful enough for wide angle photography - and I am looking to get another strobe. If changing to two YS-01 is worthwhile (max flash power, quicker recycle times, etc.) even though they’re significantly bigger, I’m willing to get two and sell my S-2000. I’m looking for any help and opinions. Thanks.
  12. Hi, my name is Mike. I've been taking underwater photos for years with a canon S110, but have never really been doing it properly. I hope to learn a lot here to get better photos.
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