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  1. Hello to all here! Hello loftus! I have also been on this trip an met loftus there (he made fantastic photos) - I made a short small video - - if you want to take a look - click on the link below:
  2. I have met "loftus" on the M/V Shearwater - so Jim Abernethy was there too. Joined wetpixel after the trip.
  3. Hello to all wetpixel members! Name: Georg; From: Austria, Europe; Work: Constr. Engineer I like diving and take pictures and video to help my poor little brain remember what I have seen. I use a sony DSC-P5 with sony housing; a nikonos V with 20mm obj., and scan the film; and a Sony DV video camera, the PC330E in a Sea&Sea vx-pc300 with nautica lights. Besides diving I love to go snowboarding, enjoy my "home cinema", like good food and cooking (and it shows already), and l travel as much as I can. I hope to learn a lot on this forum!
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