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  1. I like my rig to be neutral but for tripod work it needs to be negative enough to stay put in light current or surge so I carry a few 1 pound bullet weights clipped onto a D-ring that I transfer to the tray for tripod use. Using that idea, you might use float arms enough to make your heaviest setup neutral then for lighter setups just clip on weights as needed. When I'm weighting for tripod use I'm not needing to be precise but weighting for precise neutral buoyancy you might need a number of 4/5/6 ounce bullet weights. Or do the homework and make a chart of your various combinations and the weight needed then just clip on that precise amount before the dive.
  2. Another option, you can often fly into Cebu as directly and cheaply as Manila, then catch a ferry to Dumaguete by way of Bohol. It will take a few hours more as the ferries will take longer than the intra-flight but will be a lot cheaper and perhaps more reliable.
  3. Nice work. I like the land shots at beginning and end, really helps to frame the context of the dive. So many uw vids start and end underwater, they could be anywhere in the world for all I know.
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