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  1. Aloha, Recently purchased a Nikonos V and interested in what strobe options you all recommend. Currently, Im looking at purchasing dual SB105s with the Nikonos tray and sync cord. Alternatively, I already own two modern Ikelite DS160s I routinely use with my D810. It appears Ikelite makes a Nikonos sync cord. From there I would have to adapt my Ikelite dual try to accommodate the Nikonos. I would prefer the later option, unless; however, there is significant reason to keep it Nikonos-Nikonos. Thank you in advanced!
  2. Aloha, Can anyone recommend a dome port for the above combination that is compatible with Ikelites newer Dry Lock housings? Ive been trying to get more information on the Precision 5 port but to no availfrom what I can tell it was designed for the previous generation housings. Recently purchased Ikelites 8 dome but a significant amount of lens shade is in the frame (I have not yet tried removing it). Thank you in advanced for any suggestions!
  3. Aloha all, Dive and shoot locally in Kailua, HI as well as internationally several times per year. Just picked up a Nikonos V and learning film also. Look forward to being a part of the forum! Evan
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