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  1. Im in Asia using an older rig since I mostly use video. The canon 5D shoots above water but will not actuate underwater. Ive tried this with 2 lenses. Sometimes it works most times it does not. Ive set the camera to spot focus because the manual focus ring got lost. There is plenty of light and ive tried several exposures and auto. ast option is to set on manual ficus and preset distance. Any suggestions? thank you
  2. For sale, used Aquavideo housing, great condition. 1 year old. Full manual controls of all functions from focus to white balance to pre program functions. Moved up to an EX1. Comes with two HID lights, arms, external ballast battery packs and chargers. A great travel housing due to its light weight but durable design. Mild scratches on polycarbonate but do not appear on image. 950.00 obo. Ship from San Francisco.
  3. A Celebration of the Shark Enjoy music, shark art, sustainable seafood and live local sharks at the Aquarium of the Bay. See shark films and learn about our local sharks and the white sharks that swim across entire oceans and back again. Hear from shark biologists and shark experts and learn why sharks matter. Event Schedule Friday Oct 16, 6:30-10:00 PM Sharktoberfest Benefit Party Music, Sustainable seafood, wines and beer. Prizes Best shark and shark prey costume contest Sharksaver Award to Jim Toomey, Creator: Sherman’s Lagoon Silent Auction to benefit Shark tagging and Shark media outreach program. Saturday Oct 17, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM Science, Films & Sharks! Keynote Speech The State of Sharks, Wallace J Nicholls, PhD Films Rethink the Shark, Save Our Seas Foundation City of the Shark, David McGuire Requeim, Bryce Groark Sharks: Stewards of the Reef, Holiday Johnson White Shark Café, Sean Aronson Discussion and audience participation Presenters: Jim Toomey, Author Sherman’s Lagoon Maria Brown, Superintendent, GFNMS Sal Jorgenson, PhD Hopkins Marine Station Jonathon Kathrein, Founder, Future Leaders for Peace Sponsored by Sea Stewards and the San Francisco Aquarium of the Bay, at the Embarcadero, San Francisco Co Sponsored by the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary Association and the San Francisco Ocean Film Festival. All events include access to the San Francisco Aquarium of the Bay. For tickets adn information http://www.aquariumofthebay.org/ticket.aspx?i=14474
  4. Gates Aluminum Housing for Canon XL 1 with full mechanical controls and electronic external viwfinder. Used but fully functional, dome port and red filter. Good professional quality housing and cameras to be had cheap. photos available. Make offer- it has been in storage.
  5. Thanks Wagsy by the way- any preferred film festivals in Ausatralia you can recommend? I have family in SA. g'day David
  6. Under a deadline for a trip I ordered an Aquavideo housing. Agreed about the bouyancy! I ended up using 20 # of small dive weights within the housing and on the bottom which gave a very balanced feel and sl. negative. The only downside wsA it takes a lot of esertion on the wrist to shoot up. The controls were easy to figure out but the w/Z sticks as does the on off. I like the internal use of the monitor on the camera although this will shorten battery life. Un fortunately I did not recieve my strobe kit so I cant comment. The housing did fog up, even with dessicant insode and I fear there may be a small intrusion through one of the mechanical controls. The camera is working great above water and the low light fears I expressed earlier apppear not to be a problem.
  7. HI all back from a dive trip- rough conditions, 48 degree water, fogging camera, plankton bloom, big swell and nothing very good but above the water footage! Thanks for your interest and support regarding the film. For Central Cal folks it will be screening at the NCUPS meeting May 11 in Milbrae for free and at the Marin Dive Club in August. http://www.ncups.org/ Im doing the film festival circuit and other local screenings. We will be in Seattle late May- early June screening at the Seattle International Film Festival. If there is a local club interested in hosting a screening I would like to meet up with you. We are working on a Japanese, Cantonese and Mandarin translation to get it where it will make a differnce among the largest consumers of shark fin soup. How did the ADIX show go? thanks David (PS- Shawn I 'll call you!)
  8. Hi Nick Ill email you through your web site. Shawn and i are working on a fin short. small world. Your resort looks wonderful. David
  9. HI I contacted the dive show but it was too late-- however if you have a booth I would be very interested. We will be translating the film into Chinese this year and getting it in China with Wildaid before the Olympics. Do you have a booth already? What is your dive club? I would sure love to get out there. thanks David
  10. [Hi Joe, let me know- my friend is leaving for Tahiti next week. He will by the whole package provided there hasnt been any flooding history. D
  11. Ive just completed a film for Public Television called Sharks: Stewards of the Reef, currently screening in film festivals and aquariums in the US and Europe. Some elements are shared with Sharkwater- the finning issue, but this is a documentary not a personal story and lacks some of Rob's dramatic excitement. This 27 minute film was shot while diving in the remote Islands of Polynesia, and examines the importance of sharks culturally and ecologically, and looks at our misconceptions of these important ocean predators. Through interviews with ecologist Dr. Enric Sala of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Shark Conservation Specialist Sonja Fordham of The Ocean Conservancy and Executive Director Peter Knights of WildAid, we address the threats to sharks worldwide, including habitat loss, overfishing, bycatch and the greatest threat to shark populations: that of shark finning for shark fin soup. Shark populations are in serious trouble worldwide and in the islands, and we motivate our audience to take action. We feature our nations's newest National Marine Monument of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, where some of the footage was collected as one solution towards marine conservation. For a synopsis, trailer and more on the film see http://www.sharkstewards.com. We can make a difference for the health of our oceans, including sharks. Also- go to the TAKE ACTION link and sign the ban on fin distibution, and ask the Chinese Prime Minister to ban shark finning.
  12. Joe Does this come with a port and has it ever been flodded? thanks David
  13. Hi Joe I have a buddy with a D100 who wants to get into it. You stil have this? thanks David
  14. I have seen this and the film speaks to the dramatic places Rob put himself into. The fin message is the most important- Im sure the Director/ Producer added the thrills and the sickness scenes. I have to add a caveat. I have just finished a documentary Sharks: Stewards fo the Reef which is a more traditional science based documentary, with a focus on overfishing, bycatch and shark finning as well as the economic forces. The trailer synopsis etc are on www.sharkstewards.com Im a little jealous fo Rob for the Costa Rica experience. I went to CR but after he did and I was excluded from anywhere near the docks with a camera, even hidden. But- I got to dive the Tuamotus-- islands that had been fished and unfished for sharks and the NWHI. We are screening in film festivals- tonight in the appropriately named Tiburon Film Festival. Go to the site and sign the petition to ban finning and the distribution of shark fins by alibaba.com/ Im the author of the petition that is in this forum below. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/400108473
  15. I just spoke with Mike at length about this housing. It has the controls and the price is half what an aluminum housing costs. He is the only manufacture shipping right now. Im a little concerned about the quality of the port. D
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