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  1. These lights are LED and have incredible brightness. If used with an L & M housing, they can easily be switched between low, medium, and high. They have incredible brightness. In fact, if you are taking video up close (within 5 or 6 feet) it is usually a good idea to switch the lights to medium or low intensity. They are LED, so they emit a 5000 Kelvin WHITE light, which is perfect for video. They also have an 80 degrees beam so two of them can easily illuminate an area 160 degrees wide! - nearly a half circle. The batteries are very long life Nickle Metal Hydride batteries. In fact, they last so long, you can use the lights as dive lights on night dives - and, in doing so, you'll illuminate the entire area around you! The lights have only been used a few times and are good as new (LED's don't burn out!). The batteries are also in like-new condition. I am selling the two lights, battery pods, batteries, and L & M Quick charger - for only $1000. ($500 per light). I paid $1800 EACH for them about 1 year ago - so this is a heck of a deal! Reply to me at: kentrda@msn.com or call: 303-922-0612 Thanks.
  2. Did you get an answer to your question? I am looking into getting sigma 17-70 HSM, S&S housing also. Can't seem to find the answer on the forum.
  3. What focus gear? Anyone know for a Sea & Sea Housing (MDX-D300) for the Sigman 17-70 HSM lense? I'll call around, but, if anyone knows that would be great. Also, looking at the 60mm, however, I believe I would need a different macro port than the one I have.
  4. I hope you don't mind my barrage of questions. I need to make a decision over the weekend, if I'm going to buy something new. A 60mm huh? Nikon lense? What housing do you have? Do you use a flat port or dome port with it? Is a diopter needed? (I get easily confused by diopter usage, just haven't studied up on it yet.) I love SHARP and critique my pics intensively, so, this is something else to consider. Definitely, wide-angle, will use my 10-17.
  5. Yes, that's what happened on our trip. A friend of ours who is a photo fanatic took off after it. He's fast and he caught it and got lots of great pics (of which, I would not look at). The rest of us missed the opportunity. OMG $1M a day. Wow!
  6. How very exciting!! Cannot wait. We are heading to Truk first. This is THE BIGGEST trip for us. We'll be in Palau the last week of April. I'll make notes about the things you mentioned. Fingers crossed for the mantas. Last trip, they did not come in close. You never know!
  7. Thanks everyone! I do appreciate your responses. Great pics - Ellen! I'll bet the workshop was fantastic! I haven't participated in an underwater one yet. I will look into that Sigma lense!
  8. I have been poring over posts in anticipation of a 2nd trip to Palau in a few weeks. I have been stressing and need some advise. My camera setup is: Nikon D300, Sea&Sea housing (I have most all the ports, extension rings, etc.) Inon strobes. Lenses that I use underwater: WIDE ANGLE: Tokina 10-17 (LOVE THIS LENSE!), Nikkor 12-24. I have a #2 dioptor, and used it a few times until I got the 10-17. MACRO: Nikon 105mm (no VR, older lense). I also have the setup for a Nikon 18-70mm lense. The ONLY recent time I've used this lense is in Palau. But, I am not happy with the quality, the distortion around the edges. Had to crop many of the pictures extensively. Obsessive side of me: In an attempt to not miss a shot -- I was thinking about taking the 18-70mm, or obtaining a simlar (but better) lense that is more of a mid-range zoom. In Palau, being tied off to the reef on sites such as Blue Corner, you do not get close to the sharks. Alex Mustard mentions the Nikon 17-35mm quite a bit. I've also seen posts on a Sigma 18-50mm lense. Practical side of me: I have almost convinced myself that I should not even attempt medium zoom pictures, because of the distance to subject, clutter in water, quality,etc. Most of the "zoom" shots, I end up trashing anyway. Should I just let the other photographers, videographers get the blue corner shots? Focus on shots of things I CAN get close to and bypass those I cannot? Thanks!!
  9. Dr. Mustard: I thought as much. Thank you! By the way, took your advice of a warming filter on my Inon strobes last trip. I love the change in the blues! Thank you, Drew!
  10. I have a Nikkor 50mm prime 1.4 lense on order for above-water shots. Portraits, pets, etc. Camera = Nikon D300. Just wondering if there would be ANY use for this lense underwater? Currently, I shoot "old school" strictly wide angle (12-24, 10-17) or macro (105mm). I do have a 18-70 setup, but, have only used it a few times. I'm thinking the 50mm wouldn't be all that useful underwater, but, interested to see what others have to say. This lense claims close focusing up to 1.5 feet.
  11. My stomach hurts thinking about it, but, I'm convinced after reading the forum. I have the kit, now, I need to take the plunge. One question: How do you know when it's time to switch between the grades of the kit? How can you tell? Thanks.
  12. Great information! I appreciate everyone responding. I understand the purpose of it now, and may attempt on my next trip. I do have a smaller (compact) dome port, which might help with lighting and getting closer to the subject. GREAT PHOTOS, CHO! Thanks for sharing them. This type of photo is very unique. I like it!
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