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  1. Hi, It's been a long long time since I went on a photography trip. The Li Ion batteries of my Fisheye HG20DX lights are shot and none available to replace. I will have to purchase new focus lights for my two rigs. Is anyone happy using a FIX Neo Mini 500FS? If not, what does a guy need now days for a focus light? Thanks for your time, Mike
  2. I always enjoy seeing how these threads twist and turn. Who would have know a DIR debate would get started? Keep up the needling.
  3. I checked in with the U/W photo community on this one about a year ago, and I wanted to get an update. If you have been using some sort of wireless interface with your dive computer, please share your experiences. Is the interface blinking out when you use your camera? Are you having to fuss with it a lot on your trips or is it a seamless addition to your kit? What brand/model are you using? Are there models that still don't work well? Give me your opinions. I had a second set of gear stolen going to Cayman last October so I am getting to reequip once again. Thanks, Mike
  4. I just received mine from Adorama yesterday. I dislike how it sticks out of the side of the laptop versus the stowed away configuration of the PCMCIA card reader. Glad to hear it is faster though. At least there is a beneficial trade off.
  5. I took the plunge last weekend and purchased a MacBook Pro. I installed Aperature this weekend, watched the tutorial, and proceeded to handle a load of NEF files and large JPG's. It worked fabulously and very fast compared to what I am used to. If any of you are considering this combination, I encourage you to go for it. I have not been disappointed!
  6. I took the plunge on a couple of Mac Book Pro's for my honey and I and we are about to set them up. Apple has a Setup Assistant/Migration Assistant that is pretty cool in that it peels all your data from your old apple product and writes it to you new one. I used it on my last conversion/upgrade, but I got to thinking/wondering...is there a downside to using this "automatic" setup funciton. Am I sucking bad junk off the old and automatically hamstringing the new computer with it? If anyone has insight into the pros and cons of using this crutch, please share. I don't want to make a silly mistake just because I am lazy. Thanks, Mike Meek
  7. So what I am to hear is that you are pushing the big NEF files around, converting in the two applications, and you are not pulling your hair out waiting on the machine to deal with these 1000+ images in your database for each shoot with your D2x. That would make me happy. I have been grinding away with my G4 Powerbook and it takes a lot of the fun out of the hobby for me. Thanks, Mike
  8. So I am to understand that by using CS2 I would be served more speedy file processing if I was running a Windows based notebook or desktop?
  9. I currently use a Powerbook G4 and have a Nikon D2x. When I shoot NEF files and try to manipulate them with the G4, it is a slow aruduous grind. Recently I began to do some semi commercial work and I am dying a slow death running the files on this laptop. Question is though, for running batch conversions with either Nikon View or Photoshop, will the new PowerMac laptops offer enough speed enhancement or am I going to have to go to a desktop? Please share your experiences. Thanks, Mike
  10. Here is a picture of the bag's exterior. It is a plain jane bag with rollers and a retractable handle. It comes in just inside of the airline regulations for carry-ons.
  11. Those are all LowePro bags that contain my dome port, two Inon storbes, lenses, and flat port. I worked beautifully and all items traveled safely in their padded cases. The bag fit in the 737 overhead without any trouble. This may be a good solution for you also.
  12. I would strongly recommend that you do not check a Pelican case. I had two rigs stolen in April and have since fabricated carry-ons for our D2x and D70 Subal rigs. Here is a photo of our "basic black bag" which we just used on a trip to Curacao.
  13. I have to agree with the "its the indian, not the arrow" comment made above. Yes, other makers offer some port choices that may be different or offer more flexibility than those offered for your Ikelite, but you can still make great photos with that rig. Learn to use the DSLR with what you picked up. You will be able to go many miles and then, when you want to improve your image quality, consider investing in a different camera system like the high end Canon or Nikon cameras that will have a superior sensor. When you do that, move to one of the ultra hip aluminum housings. For now, you have a really great setup. I used an S2 to learn and have used Ikelite housings with other camers. I found the Ike housing I owned to be great and super tough. One time, it fell off the roof of the van I had rented, and it did not break or leak. Now that is tough! Like Karl says and demonstrates with his websites, you can take great photos with the Ike rig. Hope this helps you feel more excited about your setup! Mike
  14. I made a trip back to Bonaire in April and stayed at Buddy Dive. There are fewer stairs up and down to the water and dock at Buddy Dive as compared to Capt. Don's. In addition, Buddy Dive seems to be in better working order than Capt. Don's. The issue with stairs and lugging cameras up and down makes the decision simple for me. Others may disagree; however, I would choose Buddy Dive over the others. Mike
  15. I have setup 4 rigs now and have always gone with the Z220's. Compact and controllable. They seem to make sense for traveling in today's climate of weighing and measuring bags and reductions in weight allowances on some flights.
  16. I use the same Fisheye light and feel that is a fabulous "must have" accessory. Yes, they are pricey, but the work flawlessly and for that, they are worth it. Go for the good aiming light, try to not fall prey to the temptation to skimp with a dive light that won't perform nearly as well. Ryan Canon usually has these ready to ship. Give him a call.
  17. I think that you would love a D2x rig underwater. That being said, if you next trip is very soon, you will most likely have a hard time getting your rig delivered and all put together since the D2x housings are in such high demand. Aquaticas are not shipping yet, Subal is wait listing everyone, Seacam...others will know, but they are most likely booked out so I think the bigger question is when is your next trip? I am hoping my Subal D2x housing will be in by middle Sept., but that is optimistic.
  18. Received my S2 back from Fuji. It was a Fuji Canada warranty and sent to Fuji U.S. repair center and was repaired at no charge. If this happens to you, send it in and have the CCD repaired. Hope this helps! Mike
  19. I have this gear on auction. Help me out on this last one: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...AMESE%3AIT&rd=1
  20. Thanks for looking..item has sold and shipped. Mike
  21. Thanks for looking..item has sold and shipped. Mike
  22. FINAL CHAPTER: Well everyone, we are now 3.5 months post theft and I have at last received settlement from American Airlines. Upon review of my claim for $15,000 worth of losses between myself and my honey, American "generously" settled for $1456 per person. They also would provide no accounting for how they arrived at that number, but did go to great lengths to explain that an internationaly treaty limits their liability for lost bags to this amount. Phantom math is all I have to say. Anyways, I am exhausted from all of this and have deposited the checks. Could I have gotten after them with an attorney and perhaps milked a little more out? We'll never know. Anyways, say goodbye to Aquatica and Sea and Sea and hello to a new D2X and Subal housings. At least there is a silver lining to this dark cloud of travel angst. Best regards all, Mike PS. My Pelican cases are on eBay currently for what I feel like is a good price. Help me out with these.
  23. Thanks for looking....this item sold last night.
  24. I am eBaying my Pelican cases. No more Pelican travel for me. Carry-on's all the way. If you are interested, here is the link to my auction. I have two cases for sale. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...AMESE%3AIT&rd=1
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