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  1. Hi Interested in: 70 X 200 nauticam float arms X 4 Long H20 clamps X 2 Please can you PM me to discuss. Thanks Tom
  2. Interested in the dome only. Please PM me if you are willing to discuss selling seperately. Thanks Tom
  3. Thanks everyone. I have found a lens.
  4. Hello Brian I'm Possibly interested in the 10.5. Where are you located? Thanks Tom
  5. As the title says, looking to buy a Tokina 10-17 in Nikon mount. Anybody selling? Thanks
  6. Cheeky little bump... This set is going to Singapore and will be available through ScubaCam who will be selling it on my behalf... Any further interest, please contact me at the above email address, or ScubaCam by following the link in the above post... Thanks
  7. For Sale: Complete Subal and Nikon D300 Single Strobe 60mm Macro Setup. This set contains all anyone would need to get diving and shooting macro straight away. Chargers for the batteries. Memory Cards and even a card reader for after the dive. The 60mm Macro Lens combined with the single Inon Strobe makes for a great configuration for shooting mid/small size fish portraits and relatively tiny critter shots. Subal D300 Housing (ND30 Has done hundreds of dives. Never flooded. Some cosmetic wear to the underside. No corrosion. Recently fully serviced and pressure tested by David at ScubaCam in Singapore. Reason for sale: Upgrade) Inon 45 degree Viewfinder (Not pictured. Customised to fit the ND30 housing by David at ScubaCam) Original Subal Viewfinder (as Spare) D300 Camera (78,000 shutter actuations, been in the housing 90% of its life. Perfectly functional and still producing great images every dive [www.arewedreaming.com], The mirror box and sensor was given a thorough cleaning a year ago and the sensor was again professionally cleaned 3 months ago. Small scuff on base of grip and the top LCDs plastic cover is cracked, LCD itself is fine.) AF-S Micro Nikkor 60mm f2.8 (Macro Lens, Hardly Used, in perfect condition, with Bag and Hood) Subal 60mm Flat Port (Hardly used) Inon Z-240 Strobe with Diffuser (Strobe tubes and controls working perfectly. Focus light unfortunately not working, hence going cheap) Complete Ultralite Strobe arm set (1 x 20cm arm, 1 x 30cm arm, 3 x clamps, Inon strobe/ball adapter) Sea & Sea Strobe Cable SanDisk Firewire 800 Card Reader 4 Original Nikon EN-EL3e Batteries + Nikon Charger 5 Memory Cards ( 1 x 8Gb Lexar, 1 x 16Gb SanDisk, 3 x 16Gb Kingston) 4 Sanyo AA Eneloop batteries + Charger 2 x Spare housing o-rings Spare strobe o-ring Original Inon silicone grease Original Camera Strap Spare screen protector The camera manual unfortunately met a watery end but of course digital versions are easily found online. This set up is currently in Bali but can be taken to Singapore and shipped worldwide if need be (at buyers cost). To see what the camera has been up to please check out my website www.arewedreaming.com Looking for £3,800 GBP. Open to sensible offers. Bonus! If the buyer wants to come and dive Bali with me I will include 2 days of lessons in the price, (subject to prior arrangement, and dependant on my availability). Any questions please email me at tom@arewedreaming.com Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks Tom
  8. Hi George, Is this system still available? I am asking on behalf of a friend who is not a Wetpixel member but is interested. Let me know and I will pass on the info. Thanks Tom www.arewedreaming.com
  9. This gallery shows the sight that greeted us and and our customers as we prepared for departure to Thailands Similan Islands between Xmas and new year. We counted around 30 sharks, all but one of them was around 2m or bigger, mostly females. Obviously this is legal, and I guess the fact that they took the whole shark as opposed to just the fins is something. Having never seen sharks this big in the ocean, and in these numbers, makes this hard to swallow. Can any one ID what kind of sharks they are? More images on my site AreWeDreaming
  10. It's a moray, it seems to have tried to feed on something in the net and swallowed a chunk of it that then got lodged in it's throat.
  11. The 2009-2010 season has just begun here on the West coast of Thailand and as always after the low season there is work to be done to clean up the damage caused by fisheries during the low season. Thailand supposedly protects it's marine parks, unfortunately for various reason this is mostly ineffective. During the low season the parks are officially closed to tourists and the Rangers move out. This leaves the islands at the mercy of the fishing fleets of the west coast. As Staff on one of the Liveaboards we get to see the aftermath of this unprotected period. This normally is limited to cutting up any large fishing cages we find sitting anywhere and everywhere on the dive sites and releasing the fish inside. Unfortunately this year, on top of the usual fish cages we found something far more damaging. Large areas of one of the more beautiful sites, Koh Tachai Plateau, were covered in a huge net. Corals and the fish that live amongst them had been covered in the net for a seemingly long period if time. Much of the coral that was tangled in the net has either been physically broken or has suffocated due to being covered in net blooming with algae. I have yet to see the site after the various clean ups and I am hoping that the efforts of the crew and customers of a few Similan diving companies have minimised the impact on the dive site. Follow the link to see more images of our cleanup operation: www.arewedreaming.com Thailand authorities need to realise the value of what they have and try to find a better way of protecting these marine parks. Please spread the word to help raise awareness of the problems the Similans face. Thanks for reading, Tom
  12. Thanks, About the wrasse; it was when the guide put his hand over it's eye that the fish stopped moving and just hung there whilst he hugged it. From what I saw I got the feeling that the fish and the diver were not doing this for the first time. When you get there you will see for yourself how friendly the fish are on Blue Corner, there was one unicorn fish that seems to love your bubbles and it kept swimming over my shoulder and into view very close and fast, made me jump on a few occasions. You won't regret going to Palau. Sharks on every dive, Mantas, Eagle Rays, Amazing vis and epicly blue water at the drop offs. Will post more pics soon and let you know. Tom
  13. Gravity, I have changed the layout of the galleries, now the taller images are resized to fit, does this work for you? I'm happy to say that it was very easy to change using the templates and some fairly basic css edits. tdpreist, That shot was taken at Blue Corner, but I guess you knew that. I'm with you on the reef damage issue. Many times have I thought of photo/video divers; what is the point of destroying something unique and beautiful simply to get a shot of another unique and beautiful subject? It shows a huge lack of respect for nature and devalues any claim you may make to represent natures beauty in your work, rendering your art worthless. Oh, and it pisses me off...
  14. That had crossed my mind, I put the site together on a nice big screen and only just got to check it out on a smaller screen this evening. It would be nice if browsers would re-size images for situations like this. Thanks for the comments, looks like I'll be resizing through the night. Tom
  15. I can see where you are coming from Stew. That particular Napoleon Wrasse was incredibly friendly and curious and on the multiple dives I made at that site made a beeline for the divers and I am quite certain the guide in particular. Eddie (the guide) simply reached out and hugged the fish. I can't condone that behaviour but I must say that the fish did not appear traumatised in any way. Obviously I am not a fish psychologist so I can't be 100% certain how the fish reacted but I can tell you that the fish did not at any time appear to struggle or try to get away. Even after letting go the Wrasse did not swim away, remaining near our group whilst we surfaced. I did actually think about whether or not to post that image as in my mind it does show something which at first glance looks how you apparently have perceived it. I am very much of the opinion that all creatures should be allowed to live their lives without interference and undue stress from humans, almost to the point where I feel conflicted about even diving and taking pictures in the first place. Whether or not I agree with the actions of the guide is separate from the image I took. I simply saw the opportunity and pressed the shutter release. I have taken numerous photographs through the course of my work of unacceptable behaviour by divers. I have been lucky enough to work for several years in the diving industry and I have been shocked on countless occasions by what some people deem as acceptable treatment of the underwater flora and fauna. One example sticks out in my mind in particular from this same trip to Palau when the Liveaboard arranged a Nautilus dive. To catch the Nautilus the boat crew lowered a baited cage hundreds of meters into the blue one evening. The next morning I saw them bring up the cage with the Nautilus. Inside that cage were numerous dead fish and large dead Moray Eel... This for me was unacceptable, During the later dive where guests were given the opportunity to play with the Nautilus I made a point of having nothing to do with it. I am firmly against the mistreatment of any animal and the wonderful creatures of the sea in particular. I hope that you can see where I am coming from and perhaps could give my galleries another chance. I warn you though I have other images which may offend your sensibilities, they document fish caught in nets, a really Giant Moray shot with a spear gun (luckily he survived) and white tips caught by fishermen and their bodies discarded. As for Palau I wholeheartedly recommend you visit. If you would like to know which company put on the Nautilus show PM me so you can avoid them as I would if I ever return to that incredible place. Tom
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