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  1. Dear Wolf Eel - could you please let me know how you identified that your first Weefine ring light had a faulty sensor? I just bought one and sometimes it strobes and then other times it doesn’t. I thought it might be the fibre optics cable but that doesn’t seem to be the issue. I also read and re read manual to make sure it wasn’t user error either. I’ve used it on 3 dives now. It usually won’t strobe for the first 10 to 15 shots.. I turn it off and back on then try different power levels until it eventually works. On my last dive it also didn’t shoot reliably midway and towards the end of dive. I didn’t touch the settings at all once it started strobing to see if I could identify problem. When it’s working it’s great! Any help appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi - this is Sheryl a new member from the East Coast of Australia. Looking for tips especially with underwater macro photography. Happy to help others too.
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