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  1. For the past year, I have shot with the Nikon d750 & Aquatech Elite housing combo. Prior to that, I was shooting with a Sony RX100iv & Ikelite housing combo underwater. Since switching to the Aquatech setup, I've noticed that my d750 heats up quite noticeably when in the housing. When not in the water (between shots) it's kept shaded and is never left in the sun. This was never an issue with my old Sony & Ikelite combo Has anyone else had experience with this? Words of advice? Suggestions to address it? Thanks, in advance.
  2. Hi. I'm Gina from NY. I've been shooting underwater for a few years now...first with an Ikelite/Sony RX100iv setup. Most recently with a Nikon d750/Aquatech setup.
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