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    Nikon D200
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    Sea & Sea D 200
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    Ikelite 200, Sea & Sea YS 90
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    ULCS arms
  1. Hi, Sam ! Same question for a Sea & Sea DX D200 housing ... Did you already try a kit to fit an D 300 inside ? Thanks for the info, I'm very much interested ...
  2. Well, it's exacly the same, as I had the confirmation by Christian Weikamp that it's their circuitry which is in the Sea TTL Converter. By the way, I had the confirmation that, I suppose for some technical reasons, if the curtain is in "rear" mode, the converter does not work in i-ttl.
  3. I use the Sea & sea TTL Converter II in macro mode with a Sea & Sea D200 housing, and two YS 90 Duo strobes (the second is not attached to the controller, but works in slave or manual mode). I figured out that if the strobe setting on the D200 is in "rear curtain" mode, the converter does not work in TTL, but as if it was in manual mode. As soon as I am in another mode that the rear curtain, it works perfectly in TTL. Anybody had this problem ??? and anybody knows why ? Thanks !
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