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  1. As a new member here I'm glad to see this subject getting some much needed exposure. I've been a member of The Shark Trust for a couple of years after seeing them at a Dive Show and going to a seminar about shark conservation at the same show by the guy who runs the Walker's Cay dive centre in the Bahamas. The Shark Trust are a registerd charity - No 1064185, see link below:- Charity Commission - Shark Trust As for what they've been doing recently - they've put a lot of work into trying to get an EU finning ban - but in the end the legislation was watered down due to the lobbying power of the fishing industry. After all the world's biggest exporter of shark fins is a European country (I think I read that somewhere). They've also put a lot of work into CITES for Whale Sharks and basking Sharks. So don't give up on them - I'm sure they'll be in touch shortly! Cheers, Math Stott
  2. Thanks for replying Rob. It was taken in a sea loch - very sheltered but it is salt water apart from the first couple of metres at the surface which is fresh water run off from the hills. The sea lochs around Oban are great for shore diving in the winter when conditions out to sea are a bit more dodgy. I wasn't using a filter but you're right about the redness - I wonder if this may be due to my white balance setting of "Flash". I thought that made sense because I was using the strobe but underwater I guess it's all different. I think I'll have to try different white balance settings and shoot in RAW in the future so I can adjust the WB later. Good advice about the background - I was shooting in P mode so I was just concentrating on getting the autofocus to do its stuff and experiment with the strobe settings. I was happy if it was in focus and reasonably exposed. I like what you've done with it in Photoshop - it gives it a bit more of a cold, crisp appearance. All this is stuff for me to learn about.
  3. Here's what I think was the best of my first shots taken with Canon S40 in WPDC300 housing and YS90DX strobe. Taken mid February in Loch Crerran, near Oban, Scotland. Water temperature was 7 degrees Centigrade, not warm! It hasn't been modified. Constructive criticism welcome. Cheers
  4. Hi, I'm a new member using a Canon S40 with DC300 housing and YS90DX strobe - and I've also been trying to get hold of this Sea & Sea adapter in the UK. I had started looking into an alternative made by Inon - the AD mount which fits the UCL165AD macro lens and the UWL105AD wide angle - see the link below. http://www.underwaterdigital.net/inon%20ac...accessories.htm Do any DC300 users have any experience with this mount and either of the lenses? I've seen a picture of the AD mount on Inon's website which makes it look like it screws into the hole in the base of the housing. If so then it's a non-starter as I'm already using that hole for my strobe mount tray. If the Inon alternative proves no good then I'll pass my details onto Sea & Sea UK as suggested.
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