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  1. On 8/21/2019 at 7:36 PM, brandonhopper said:

    Hi Brandon,

    I have a Fantasea housing for sale for the a6300/6500 if you are interested. It comes with the standard port for the 16-55mm kit lens. Let me know and I'll show some photos, it is in great condition and I loved using it with my a6500 before I went over to a Canon dslr (7D m2).



  2. Greetings!

    I have just recently upgraded and am selling my mirrorless underwater system! I have really enjoyed it and it took a lot of personal deliberation before deciding to finally let it go and fully commit to my new set up. The sony a6500 is a great underwater camera for photographers getting serious!

    For Sale:

    Sony a6500 camera: $900 or nearest offer, 16-50mm lens included. $800 body only.

    Sony 16-50mm lens: $150

    Fantasea FA6500 Housing: $650 with port and zoom gear. $500 housing body only.

    Fantasia FML Flat Port 34 with zoom gear: $200

    Fantasea - AOI UWL-09F Wide Angle Wet Lens: $400

    See below for details and photos of each item! Please send direct message with any questions. The items are located in the USA. I do not favor shipping internationally since it is more costly to you (I would add shipping cost to the price), takes longer, and seems to be more risky. But if you are really interested we can discuss it over private message.

    Sony a6500 mirrorless cropped sensor camera body AND Sony 16-50 mm kit lens: ($900 o.b.o.)

    Good condition, gently used with signs of normal wear. Just over 11,200 shutter actuations, but this camera is one of the best in it's class, with the mechanical shutter rated up to 200,000 actuations. The sensor is perfect, and the back display screen is in great condition. All buttons and functions working perfect and properly. I have a battery charger and 5 batteries for it included. I also have the original box and operations manual for the new owner.

    The Sony E-mount 16-50mm lens is included and is in perfect condition. Glass is flawless and autofocus works perfect. I used this lens underwater with nice results! It is a very good versatile lens and I have also used macro wet diopters and a wet wide angle dome with it with happy results :)

    I also have two polarizer filters, a couple ND filters, and a few macro diopters for the 16-50mm lens included, as well as a Sony camera bag, neoprene camera case,

    I am selling the sony camera body and lens together, but send me a message if you are interested in either piece separate. Please ask if you want to see more photos.

    Asking $900 for the camera and lens. The items are located in the US and I prefer to ship within the continental USA, but please contact me for international shipping rates and I can do some research.

    Fantasea FA6500 Housing AND FML Flat Port 34 with zoom gear ($650 o.b.o)

    The housing has been set for the a6500, but can be converted to be used with the a6300. I will include the tools and guide that came with the housing. The housing is in great, almost-new condition, but with some scratches on one of the fiber optic connection holes. The fiber optics still fit fine and it is only cosmetic and does not affect functionality. Other than that, it is flawless and has never been flooded. I will include original o-rings and also Fantasea replacement o-rings. (Original Retail Price $750).

    Also included is the Fantasea FML Flat Port 34 with zoom gear to fit the Sony 16-50mm lens. The port lens is in good condition with no scratches or blemishes and the zoom gear is perfect. (original price $400).

    I also have a cheap tray that served me quite well for a couple of years that I will throw in to whoever buys the housing! (see photo)

    Fantasea - AOI UWL-09F Wide Angle Wet Lens with protective case and adapter. ($400 o.b.o.)

    A wonderful wet wide angle lens, fits a 67mm housing port thread. 130 degree field of view. The original price is $700 for a new one, this one is used and has some minor scuffs and one small scratch on the dome. This has not interfered with photos as far as I have noticed! I will try to upload some sample photos that I took with it recently. I used this wet lens with the Sony a6500 and kit 16-50mm lens with very satisfying results!



    Please direct message me with any questions!





  3. Basically, there's a few different tiers in terms of underwater setups:


    Tier 1 (under ~$1000) - GoPro 7 / Olympus TG5


    GoPro 7 + housing - if shooting only video. Terrible for stills, no option to use strobes.


    Olympus TG5 + housing + wet wide angle lens like bakscatter m52 lens. Great for macro on its own, can take decent wide angle images with a wet lens. A good starting point for most people who want to get into underwater photography and not monstrous to travel with. Main limitation for me isn't the sensor size, because image quality is really good enough at ISO 100 for anyone who isn't printing poster. Rather, it's the lack of a full manual mode, which can be frustrating once you start introducing strobes and doing balanced light wide angle photography. You can kind of work around this limitation by using aperture priority mode, fixing the iso and then using exposure compensation to indirectly control the shutter speed, but it's not a perfect workaround. If the TG6 introduces a full manual mode, I would strongly consider owning one of these cameras even as a professional. The macro mode is great!


    Tier 2 (around ~$3000) - Sony RX100 or Canon G7X II or Panasonic LX 100 1" sensor compact + wet wide angle lens and wet macro diopeter


    The main advantage over a TG5 for me here is the full manual control. Image quality is better as well, but honestly, I think the TG5 is good enough for most people as far as image quality is concerned. But the tradeoff is that now you need a wet diopeter lens to do macro, and the macro magnification isn't as good as what you could achieve out of the box with a TG5. You're also looking at 3 times the cost once you factor in an aluminium housing and a good wet wide angle lens like the Nauticam WWL-1.


    Tier 3 (~$6000) m4/3 Mirrorless Cameras like Olympus EM1 Mark II or Panasonic GH5


    The big step up here from the 1" sensor compacts is the ability to use interchangeable lenses. m4/3 has a great lens selection, with everything from 180* fisheye lenses, to kit lens + WWL-1 wet lens for wide angle, wide angle lenses behind a dome port (mainly only consider if you do a lot of split shots, otherwise the WWL-1 route is a better option) to dedicated macro lenses that can get you 2:1 magnification without any diopters. Image quality isn't actually a huge improvement over the 1" sensor compacts, but ergonomics on the housings are better. For video, I consider m4/3 to be the sweet spot atm. For photos, there's an argument to be made that some of the cameras in Tier 4 offer sufficient improments in image quality, autofocus and lens selection to make them worth considering.


    Tier 4 ($8000+) - APS-C or Full Frame DSLRs/Mirrorless Cameras


    Main advantages here over m4/3s are:

    * better autofocus systems (mainly in the the Nikon d500/d850/d5 line);

    * access to versatile fisheye zooms like the Tokina 10-17;

    * significantly higher resolution and IQ with the 40-50Mpix sensors

    * optical viewfinders (which are easier to compose high-contrast wide angle shots with than EVFs, in my view)


    But there's some real disadvantages as well:

    * depth of field for macro is shallower than with m4/3 cameras, and you get less magnification without external lenses

    * if you use wide angle rectilinear lenses behind a dome port, you need a 230mm dome port for the best results, and these are huge, heavy and expensive

    * the WACP wet wide angle solution is very heavy and very expensive also, when compared to the WWL-1 you can use on m4/3

    * heavier and bulkier for transport, even though the whole overall rig might be similar in size in the water


    It's worth also considering that a lot of the perceived quality improvements underwater come from your lighting (strobes) and getting closer, not so much from the camera sensor size or even the quality of the optics. And once you add two strobes, a tray, arms and a wet wide angle lens, even a TG5 rig gets quite big and bulky. I wouldn't say there's a meaningful difference in size between a compact, m4/3, or even a full-frame camera once you add arms and strobes. At least, not if you stay away from 230mm dome ports and use fisheye lenses with smaller dome ports or wet lenses for wide angle.



    I think this is a wonderful explanation of the levels of underwater camera setups available! It is about as concise as it can be, uw photo can get very complex very quickly! But that's what makes it so fun, right? :)

  4. Hi dubscutty,


    I have been shooting with an a6500 and fantasea housing for the past two years until now (I just upgraded to a canon 7d m2 since I had a good deal on the setup). I do really like it, and I think it is worth going for the 6500 over the 6000. I also had the 6300 for 6 months with a meikon housing for 6 months or so a while back before I felt limited and upgraded to the 6500. I personally think it is the best cropped sensor mirrorless to take underwater, but I have not done too much research on the 6400 yet.

    Anyway, I don't think you could go too wrong with either! Good luck!

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