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  1. thank you ! pretty much WACP1 is my favorite lens and the only lens I use on all my dives right now, as I don't really shoot macro, one WACP1 does pretty much all I need, the second picture is wacp 28-70 at 28mm, it is actually quite wide, and the last photo is in the 70mm, all the way zoomed in. It gives me incredible range and flexibility to work with during a dive.
  2. thank you ! I kept telling my friend Richard to get closer ! but he's afraid that octopus is going to attack him , I told him that would make great pictures.
  3. last weekend we went dove the 'Flagpole' dive site in Hood canal, it is probably one of the best diving spot in that area, and behold, this easily wingspan 10 foot plus giant pacific octopus decided to come out of its den and say hi to us. absolutely once a life time experience for myself. shot on 1dx + retra strobs, WACP1 7-1 by Joe Hua, on Flickr 13-1 by Joe Hua, on Flickr 12-1 by Joe Hua, on Flickr 2-1 by Joe Hua, on Flickr 1-1 by Joe Hua, on Flickr
  4. shot on Night dive at Edmond underwater park, Nauticam 1dx + 28-70mm( WACP1) Spotted ratfish/Chimera is one of my favorite fish, they are generally a deep water fish hanging out around 500-3000 feet, but on some west coast of US and part of europe they come up to the shallow depth , which is quite a rare treat. spotted ratfish by Joe Hua, on Flickr ratfish1-1 by Joe Hua, on Flickr
  5. Selling my pair keldan 8m cri light with 4 batteries , these are older gen lights with 6000 lum output and 95cri rating. also including 3 x battery charger i tested battery run time on all 4, they run 42 ,38,36, 30 min on full power. these lights are completely modular , you an upgrade to new gen by buying new led head. Selling everything in picture for 1200$. PM or email me , infomrhua@gmail.com paypal only.
  6. Selling my sea sea 10 inch acrylic dome for nauticam connection. Good condition. No scratch on the dome . 400$ email me if you have any questions: infomrhua@gmail.com With neoprene cover PayPal only.
  7. these are amazing ! did you use snoot?
  8. thanks for sharing ! love the macro shot !
  9. hello there, new guy here, new to this forum but not really new to UW photography. I live in portland OR and like to dive my revo
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