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  1. hello all,

    I have noticed that nauticam USA have raise their glass price again recently, I remember just a year ago the WACP was 3850$ retail, then it was raised to 4000$, 4500$, and now 4750$, and seems other glass dome also got a price raise, does anyone know is it simply just exchange rate/ tariff?  at least the price of WACP/ glass dome on the Chinese side was staying the same compare to the US side. 


    Best regards 

  2. On 11/7/2020 at 4:30 PM, Dale Underwood said:

    What great pictures! Just love the Octopus and I have gone diving many a times at Flagpole.  It is one of my favorite spots on the canal.  I kept an eye on a mother and her eggs  for awhile and was lucky enough to be there when she was blowing them out of the cave.  I spent several hours with my head in the hole watching her and took 60-70 pictures.  Very hard to focus as they are about the size of a grain of rice.

    baby octopus.jpg

    oh my god what an amazing encounter !! the timing must be perfect ! you also must be freezing for spending hours down there !  

  3. hello all !

    As I am eyeing the new eos r5/r6 , I have been thinking about making the jump to mirrorless, I have been using a bulky DSLR for years and I would love all the newest canon AF feature on their mirrorless line-up. 


    My biggest concern is Battery life, as on their website, they say the battery life is normally only 300-350 shots, It would be great if you can share your underwater mirrorless experience, once thing I do love about DSLR is that one battery can go entire days of shooting without have to open the case up on a rocking boat in the middle of the ocean, so how have your mid day dive boat  battery swap experience been ? 


    Much appreciated

  4. 5 hours ago, JohnLiddiard said:

    I was diving with Charles Hood from a beach north of Nanaimo more than a few years back. Typical photographers, our buddy discipline was shoddy. I was just back at the beach when I saw a splashing 100m out. Charles was being mugged by a giant octopus. Even worse, he had a macro lens. I had a wide angle lens, but had missed the action.

    hahaha that sounded like One Hell of an Experience!!

  5. 1 hour ago, Placebo365 said:

    Great photos. Now following you on Flickr too. Particularly interested in images taken with the wacp-1. Please post many more, thanks.

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    thank you ! pretty much WACP1 is my favorite lens and the only lens I use on all my dives right now, as I don't really shoot macro, one WACP1 does pretty much all I need, the second picture is wacp 28-70 at 28mm, it is actually quite wide, and the last photo is in the 70mm, all the way zoomed in. It gives me incredible range and flexibility to work with during a dive. 

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  6. last weekend we went dove the 'Flagpole' dive site in Hood canal, it is probably one of the best diving spot in that area, and behold, this easily wingspan 10 foot plus giant pacific octopus decided to come out of its den and say hi to us. 

    absolutely once a life time experience for myself.


    shot on 1dx + retra strobs, WACP1

    50354334477_7dc1673324_c.jpg7-1 by Joe Hua, on Flickr


    50354344557_6046dfe826_c.jpg13-1 by Joe Hua, on Flickr


    50353468973_7e78dde4c9_c.jpg12-1 by Joe Hua, on Flickr


    50353466683_453aa18673_c.jpg2-1 by Joe Hua, on Flickr



    50353466753_6175133e0e_c.jpg1-1 by Joe Hua, on Flickr


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  7. shot on Night dive at Edmond underwater park,  Nauticam 1dx +  28-70mm( WACP1)


    Spotted ratfish/Chimera  is one of my favorite fish, they are generally a deep water fish hanging out around 500-3000 feet, but on some west coast of US and part of europe they come up to the shallow depth , which is quite a rare treat.

     50243290037_90e6e474a6_c.jpgspotted ratfish by Joe Hua, on Flickr



    50245934117_d2d81d8168_c.jpgratfish1-1 by Joe Hua, on Flickr


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