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  1. Selling my pair keldan 8m cri light with 4 batteries , these are older gen lights with 6000 lum output and 95cri rating. also including 3 x battery charger i tested battery run time on all 4, they run 42 ,38,36, 30 min on full power. these lights are completely modular , you an upgrade to new gen by buying new led head. Selling everything in picture for 1200$. PM or email me , infomrhua@gmail.com paypal only.
  2. Selling my sea sea 10 inch acrylic dome for nauticam connection. Good condition. No scratch on the dome . 400$ email me if you have any questions: infomrhua@gmail.com With neoprene cover PayPal only.
  3. these are amazing ! did you use snoot?
  4. hello there, new guy here, new to this forum but not really new to UW photography. I live in portland OR and like to dive my revo
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