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  1. Thanks for the simplified definition Acroporas, I am the first to admit I am very much in the dark about the terms and equipment of photography.


    If I were to use the same 60mm lens I have, then I should buy a 2X convertor and this will fit inside the longer 105mm port from Ikelite? The downside to this if I understand what I have read is the convertor requires more light with the upside being I get 2 times the magnification? Will the 60mm still be able to focus at longer distances or will it be stuck on closeup shots only?

  2. I am trying to get ever closer, more detailed pictures of increasingly smaller critters. Right now I use a D80 with 60mm macro lens in an Ikelite housing with the recommended flat port. What I am considering is purchasing something like a Woodys Diopter as opposed to the 105mm lens/port. Is there a Woodys made in the correct size to fit over the Ikelite port (or some other wet lens)? Is this what a wet lens is designed to do, make closer shots possible? Or, am I better off just buying the 105mm with matching port?

  3. When I first linked to your site I was intent on looking at the pictures for IDing and so clicked on the lefthand list of names straightaway. Once there I saw the button to look at thumbnails and so assumed that was the only way to preview the pictures. My fault entirely.


    The only suggestion, and it may not be a good one, is perhaps a button in silver or some attention grabbing device/color around the Thumbnail word and move it closer to the white Nudibranch word. My eye is caught by the bright Nudibranch word and I miss the darker blue thumbnail word. Having said this, what you have is very nice as is!

  4. Hmm, not so many years ago we had massive casualties from a nerve agent released into the subway here in Japan. This was from a known group of radicals and there was active concern for thier activities but not enough to catch them in time.


    I dont know how "stupid" those alerts are but they should be consulted for possibilities. Not knowing the local conditions is plainly irresponsible much like jumping onto a dive boat and then being surprised when a typhoon hits you on the water, you should have checked the charts ahead of time. If nothing else, to make sure you think ahead to have a seperate "grab" pile of local cash, clothes, emergency phone number list etc if something did happen. Nothing like having a plan...

  5. There is a local competition I would like to enter right now which is strictly labeled as an Amateur competition. However, one of the entrants is a professional who maintains a website selling images she takes under water. As someone who has less than three months experience and would like to enter this competition as a beginner I find this intimidating and may not even enter at this point. Am I wrong in thinking the person should not be allowed to enter?

  6. I am not sure but I think its the same as this one, at least its from the same basic ocean...








    Sorry for the debris but we have had a week of solid winds, rains and mixed up currents stirring up all sorts of things that seem to float forever. The back area of these looks alot like the one in your pic. The back stays closed but when a current flows across it the flaps open up and the colorful back is exposed.

  7. I dont know what it goes to but it was about 8-10 inches long compared to an arm on the strobe. Somewhere around 2 inches through the base. What bothered me most is that if one is there there are probably more as it was in a sandy "basin" in the coral that the currents had turned up and more importantly there are large numbers of kids who routinely play in this area when the tide goes down.


    This round isnt the case most likely but there was a diver here some years ago who had picked up a phosphorous round and put it in his BCD while continuing to dive. Apparently it was a crusted lump he thought would make a good paperweight. After leaving the water for a while the phosphorous iginited and destroyed his vest and some additional equipment. In January a 500lb bomb was discovered and destroyed less than a half mile from this same location in 20 feet of water.

  8. I use a Sony N2 in the Sony housing all the time. The only drawback to the N2 is that if the Manual mode settings are done for Macro then thats all you can do with it, if its set for regular shots then thats all it can be used for once the case is closed.


    Sony N2 Photos with the settings I use for macro shots







    Sony N2 with settings for "normal" shots


  9. I envy you the skill you have in creating the website! Its a very nice site, the pictures loaded quickly and the site colors look great. As a very much neophyte in trying to identify critters I look alot at the available websites like yours to try and "picture match" what I have seen to what is pictured online. The biggest problem I have is that I have to click on each and every one of the links from the main page to look at the available pictures. I dont have a better suggestion, just wanted to share my experiences with being a web detective. Is there a way to put a thumbnail next to the lefthand column titles which would lead to a more detailed pic and description? Just enough detail to match perhaps colors and shapes to lead a viewer to the right link?

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