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  1. No referring to the one with and without the blue rubber. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Looking to add a CMC-1, is there a difference between the older style and newer? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Mbrock please DM photos very interested
  4. My wife is looking to try underwater photography and she wants something easy with a lower commitment than another compact setup.
  5. I know earlier you weren't willing to seperate, are you now? Interested in the Sola 3800 and possibly the 1200
  6. I started out with a GoPro Hero 6 and housing. Now have upgraded to a Panasonic LX-10. For me Id say the Hero 6 was affordable to LX-10 plus all the extras makes it about 3-4K depending options.
  7. Also interested, same questions as previous member? Can you send pictures to adammwittwer@gmail.com
  8. Have the same setup and just about to go out on my first dive with it, why did you shoot in 1080 so much? For the 60fps vs 30 in 4K?
  9. Last year I took a trip to Komodo and brought along a Hero 6 without lights. Had a blast but now on a quest to improve my setup. Just acquired an LX-10 with Nauticam housing, Inon s2000 strobes, still searching for right video lights. Im sure Ill have lots of questions! Thanks in advance for the support.
  10. Really great tips thanks for sharing. Posts like these help someone like me just getting in the game.
  11. I’m confused on this topic as well. I bought a Panasonic LX10 and Nauticam housing with two Inon s2000 strobes. Looking at the reef photo article I should be checking if my lx-10 has a preflash? Then determining the magnet?
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