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  1. Hi I have a Sony P9, which I guess is reasonably similar to the P1, and also discontinued. I think (but am not sure) that the O-Rings for the Sony Cybershots are the same, so you could probably make do with spares for other cameras. I have a Sea and Sea YS-25 strobe, which I am reasonably happy with although I don't have much experience with other strobes. It is about the cheapest strobe I could find. The strobe gives good results at distances of no more than about 1.5m, further than this and backscatter takes over (depends on how clear the water is). A more powerful strobe would increase this distance a bit as you could move it further from the camera and still have enough light. I think a strobe is pretty essential if you want to get photos that are not all shades of blue. You are right, you won't get magazine covers, but I do have a collection of A4 sized pictures that I am very happy with. Personally I think tha camera is probably not the dominant cost of the set up, the case and strobe will cost more than a camera, so since you need to splash out on these anyway whay not consider a newer camera?
  2. Well this is what I think the answer is, I willing to be proved wrong by someone who actually knows: If the port window was right next to the lens, and it was a thin lens, then the minimum focal distance would be increased by a factor of 1.33 (ie the refractive index of sea water). So this would mean that the 8 inches goes to 10.6 inches. In reality the port is not right next to the lens and it isn't a thin lens so this factor is reduced. I guess I'm going to have to spend this evening with a camera in bucket of water to test.....
  3. Thanks to all of you for the help. Seems like lack of strobe power and pointing at the sun were the biggest problems. Regarding strobe power, the power setting for the strobe (on my setup) is manual, so is obviously a guess. Generally is it better to give too much power or too little? I.e. assuming I am going to adjust the image in photoshop afterwards will I get better results by under 'strobing' or over 'strobing'? Cheers Nick
  4. Ok so I'm just back from a fantastic weekend in Bali, diving was great and the beaches were empty. I got some very good pics (and lots of dross too) but can anyone tell me what I did wrong here? I pointed the camera upwards, the depth was about 15m (and sunny day). The strobe fired (S&S YS-25DX) albeit on a low setting, but the pic comes out like this. I took a couple of other photos of the same shoal (with less fish in so not as nice) and they came out much better. Have I simply exceeded the dynamic range of the sensor? I guess I can improve it a bit in photoshop, but what should I have done? Please don't let the answer be 'bought a better camera'! (it was a sony P9) Thanks in advance
  5. Just back from my first dives with Sony P9 and S&S YS-25DX strobe. I'm pleased with the strobe, less pleased with my ability to take decent photos. The strobe worked well: 1. The cycle time is a couple of seconds (even after about 200 flashes), this is much shorter than the flash cycle time on the P9. 2. The fibre-optic connection never failed to sense the camera flash, and the velcro didn't fall off. The camera preflash is correctly ignored by the strobe. 3. The strobe is not hugely powerful, but sufficient for maybe 2m. My main problems were: 1. Forgetting to set the camera to forced flash. 2. Staying still enough to be in good focus after the shutter lag. 3. Trying to take a picture before the camera flash was charged. I also need more experience in setting the strobe power, there are 7 levels plus diffuser on/off. Anyway I will post photos with/without strobe (if I can work out how to post photos).
  6. Thanks for all your replies. Seems like there are too many places, it's going to take me years...........
  7. Paul I'll let you know how I get on, but I am no master photographer so don't expect to see magazine covers... Regards Nick
  8. Your suggestions please. I live in Singapore, so only destinations in SE asia. Already been to West Malaysia a few times, and have done the Barrier reef. Current top choices are Sipadan or Palau (or Maldives even), but which should I choose? Thanks in advance Nick
  9. I did the same thing (different camera/location), and regret not having the strobe, the pictures were clear/well focused but quite blue. I have since bought a strobe, and will try it soon. If this is a trip of a lifetime, then get the strobe. Otherwise maybe play around with the camera first.
  10. I have a Sony P9, and have just become the proud owner of a Sea & Sea YS-25DX strobe. I have yet to try the strobe underwater, but it works well in air. The only thing I don't like so far is the fibre-optic cable. It connects to the strobe and front of the housing, and is just strung between the two, getting in the way and risking damage. I think it would be much better if it were routed inside the arm, I may try to to this myself. I am going diving at the end of the month, so can post results if anyone is interested.
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