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  1. Thank you folks that replied. I will study them intently.
  2. Which combination should produce the best quality wide angle image from a Nikon Z7? 1. Nikon AF S 8-15 fisheye + FTZ. or 2. Nikon Z lens (20mm f1.8 S; or 14-24 2.8 S). or 3. Nikon AF S 60mm ED + FTZ + Nauticam MWL-1 Please someone answer, even if it is only an educated guess. Thank you so much.
  3. Ive had a Z7 about a year and a half now, I have the Nikon f 60mm micro lens coupled with Nauticam MWL. I am itching to choose a Z lens for my camera to make use of the new Z technology. If you had one Z lens-Nauticam combination, what would you choose? Thank you very much.
  4. In my recent trip to Baja (October 3-15, 2020) on a photo workshop liveaboard trip, almost everyone was charged.
  5. Hi,

    As far as getting your jellyfish photo to replace your "D", it should be possible.  The pix is low res so it'll fit.  Maybe rename it to something simple like "jellyfish_750px.jpg"   Use the .jpg  suffix rather than .jpeg   See if tht works.


    Here I'll attach it here.


  6. Hi, new member here. Deborah from Hatteras, NC
  7. I have had this lens for 2 two week dive trips. Used with Nauticam housing on a Nikon Z7. I really like the flexibility. Unfortunately on my last trip, one at a time the flips seized up. Just got back, and will try to find the cause and cure.
  8. I think this is absolutely stunning. I new to wetpixel. What camera gear are you using?
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