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  1. I am shooting with Z240, so not the most powerful strobes, lowering the power would make my ISO bump, plus it would be harder to get a darker background. Finally I would only reduce the problem, not avoiding it. Do you mean that one strobe is placed inward? Aren't you getting any backscatter? I should try this
  2. Well I actually had them quite a bit behind my dome, maybe I should try more.
  3. Hi all, kind of a newbie question here, but I am here struggling with this. In wide angle photos, I have really hard life trying not include the strobe light into my picture. My go to position (and the position of all the shots I attach) is behind the camera (10-20 cm), pointed slightly outside, and approx. 30 cm away from the dome to the side. This configuration worked really well with larger domes, but since I switched to the 4.33 dome from nauticam, it seems more difficult not to include the flash light into the frame, particularly the right one. Any idea on why this happens? Please, also advise on "basic" stuff, since I know the basics, but apparently I am missing the point here. May be a dome defect? Unlikely Strobe positioning? I think so, but why does it work for the left one and not the right one? And why it is more difficult with the smaller dome? I am shooting with a EM1 mark 2 in Nauticam housing, and these photos are taken with the 8mm fisheye from Panasonic. Thank you
  4. Nope still looking, but yes usa may be problematic for the shipment
  5. Price down to: 2x36 arms: 90 2x24 arms: 70 6x clamps: 10 each
  6. As topic says, with or without housing.
  7. Hi, I have one, used but in good condition. I might consider to sell it, but it depends on how much you are willing to pay for it
  8. Selling´╗┐ carbon made technical arms for photography and video. Rated at a max depth of 150m. Sizes available: 2x 36cm 2x 26cm All details can be found here (only´╗┐ Italian) http://underwatercarbon.tech/hr-arm.html These are high quality arms, made with the finest material. Selling also 6x super sturdy clamps of the same firm. If interested message me for more photos. Prices: 2x36 arms: 110 (original price 170 eur) 2x24 arms: 90 (original price 150 eur) 6x clamps: 20 each (original price 40 eur each) Shipping available worldwide.
  9. Hi, do you consider also shipping outside US?
  10. Yes, sorry for not answering you original question, I probably lost the message. I tried it and it works pretty well. It may not be mandatory to have it UW, but if you want to use it topside too, then it may help. Inviato dal mio ELE-L29 utilizzando Tapatalk
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