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  1. For shooting with the viewfinder there is a physical button to the left of it. For displaying images in the lcd you just need to set the time in the menu. Inviato dal mio ELE-L29 utilizzando Tapatalk
  2. I use them. Super happy Inviato dal mio ELE-L29 utilizzando Tapatalk
  3. What clamps are you using? Inviato dal mio ELE-L29 utilizzando Tapatalk
  4. That was what I was thinking. My question came up since instead the longer to the strobe setup seemed to be the universally accepted configuration. Now I have 34+26 arms, but I am considering switching to a 26+18 to have more portability, and I should still be able to push the strobes far enough.
  5. Hi, very simple question. In a photo system, with 2 arms on each side of the camera, and with 2 different lengths, do you put the shorter ones attached to the housing or attached to the strobe? Personally, I always put the longer arm close to the camera, and the shorter one to the strobe, as in my opinion it gives me more flexibility. However, it seems that most of the photographer do the opposite, but I do not understand why? Is it down to a personal preference?
  6. Ok thank you, I was thinking it wrong then. In fact, auto seems to work better for me, I was just mislead by the color temperature Inviato dal mio ELE-L29 utilizzando Tapatalk
  7. Ok thanks. So I am right in saying that for macro shot 4600 diffuser are mostly useless? Especially when going for dark backgrounds? Inviato dal mio ELE-L29 utilizzando Tapatalk
  8. My point is that I want to set the color temperature to those output from the flash, so everything which is lit vy the strobes should be correct. But apparently it isn't. Inviato dal mio ELE-L29 utilizzando Tapatalk
  9. My diffusers are 4600. And what's the point of setting to auto if I know the color temperature? Inviato dal mio ELE-L29 utilizzando Tapatalk
  10. Hi, I am shooting with an Olympus omd em1 mark 2 with 2 inon z240. I am using the - 0.5 stop diffuser on both of them. When I import the raw into capture one, I manually set the temperature to 4600K and tint 0,however the photo appear to have wrong colors, with a greenish tint and much cooler than expected. Am I doing something wrong? I thought this was a no brainer, but I am not sure I am missing something or there is different issue. Inviato dal mio ELE-L29 utilizzando Tapatalk
  11. I use either S-AF or C-AF depending on the visibility, but I use back button focus. In case of poor viz, focusing for each picture is a pain.
  12. Price reduce to 470. Also available a fiber optic from S&S for 50 euro. Both items at 500 + shipping.
  13. Selling a perfectly working Sea&Sea YS-D2, including 2 diffusers (100 and 120 degrees), and a custom made neoprene cover for it. Comes with its original ball adapter, never flooded, a new ∑ß<spare oring and new silicone grease. Buyer pays shipping, payment with bank transfer or paypal (+3.4%). Price: 520 EUR OBO
  14. Ok thanks a lot. I have a black D2, might consider to go with a D2J if I am able to find one, or 2 z240, whichever comes first
  15. Hi, I have a D2 for sale, located in Italy.
  16. I totally understand. 1. Is this noticeable even with almost similar strobes, like D1 and D2? 2. Ok, but this can be checked before buying it. 3. That is the most serious issue in my opinion. Concerning your last question, none So would it be better two less powerful strobes such as the d2000 or z240, compared to one D2 plus something else?
  17. Hi, simple question. I am considering upgrading from one strobe (D2) to 2 strobes. Question is, do the strobes have to be the same? I am considering to buy a D1, would it be worth it or due to power differences it can become a hassle? Other low (very low hence attractive) cost option is an old S&S 120 which comes at 135 eur. However, it only has full or 1/2 power settings, may this be problematic to use with my other strobe? Other option, close to my place a guy is selling 2 inon d2000. Would it be better for me to sell my strobe and switch to those 2, though less powerful?
  18. +1for the 7-14. Both are amazing, but the 7-14 is more versatile underwater.
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