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  1. Hi Matt,

    I heard at Bluewater you moved back east. How are things?



  2. Hi, Any of the Nauticam parts still available--180 VF, 20mm extension ring, 8-15 Zoom gear? Mike
  3. I stayed at Ramon's last year. I really liked the convenience of dive operation being just steps away from the rooms. Good rinse and storage on docks very close to boats. The resort was in very good shape, as where the docks and boats. Searching my memory, i can't recall anything I would complain about.
  4. Great shots. I was in Moorea last year for humpbacks and we didn't have visibility like that! amazing shots!
  5. I found a narrow-beam focus light was much easier to use than a wide angle one. For some reason a wide beam was almost vertigo inducing. I don't know if all BW dives are like this, but my experience is from Anilao and being in the water reminded me of a snow storm. The narrow beam, with its limited field of view, was much easier comprehend.
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