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  1. I added an Apeks pocket yo my ScubaPro Hydros BC to hold a WACP-1 lens cap.
  2. Price adjusted to $1000 off current Bluewater Photo pricing, so now $3832.
  3. Yes, both of the 8-15mm zoom gears available, N815-Z and N815-Z+1.4.
  4. Interesting provision—you must carry on cameras….That may explain why Philippines Air let me hand carry a very heavy roll-aboard that they first said needed to be checked. When I mentioned cameras, the gate agent it changed her tune.
  5. Here are additional pictures. I don’t see any scratches.
  6. Not that i can see. The internal reflections on the dome are tricky in the sunlight. I will post more pictures. It looks brand new.
  7. I forgot to mention, Nauticam sells fittings to allow use on either N100 or N120 system. To use on N100, there is a N100 (housing side) to N120 (WACP side) adapter. For a N120 system, a straight extender is used. Either way an intermediate fitting is required.
  8. Hi Conraddmb118, Nauticam is confusing in their descriptions of the WACP-1. The one for sale is for a N120 system. All WACP-1's are natively N100, and if for N120 like this one, is factory fitted with the N100 to N120 adapter under neath the buoyancy collar.
  9. I was asked why selling, and the reason is i changed camera systems and need the N100 version, 85203. I still plan on employing a WACP. thank you for considering.
  10. For sale is a Nauticam WACP-1, SKU # 85201, for N120 System. The WACP was purchased by me in August 2022, taken on one trip and used only for three days. Condition is excellent and I don't see any signs of wear. Included is original box, padded case, rear end and lens cap, spare O-Ring, and, of course, integrated aluminum buoyancy collar. Current retail is $5160 and selling for $1000 off at $4160. I'm on the west side of Los Angeles and welcome in-person inspection. Buyer to pay shipping of choice, if required. https://www.nauticam.com/products/n100-0-36x-wide-angle-conversion-port-for-full-frame-28mm-lens-incl-buoyancy-collar-and-n120-to-n100-port-adaptor
  11. Nice, I’ll try using a custom button as yiu mention, Johan. Thx.
  12. I recently purchased the A1 and Nauticam housing and can confirm the control wheel to the right of the rear screen is not accessible in the Nauticam housing. The five push buttons, Top, Bottom, Left, Right and Center that are integrated with the control wheel are available on the housing, as is the joy stick above the control wheel. For what it’s worth, with only two dives with A1, I haven’t felt restricted without the control wheel. The only time I would have used would’ve been to adjust ISO, but the up/down buttons serve to adjust.
  13. The manual and help guide are here: https://www.sony.com/electronics/support/e-mount-body-ilce-1-series/ilce-1/manuals
  14. Is it possible to update the UWT converters in the field for new profiles as they are created?
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