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  1. My wife and I signed up to visit Raja Ampat in February 2009 aboard the Archipelago Adventurer II. Unfortunately we are not able to make the trip. We are hoping to find an interested party to take our two remaining spots on the boat. This trip has been organized by Dolphin Scuba out of Sacramento and my experience has been that they run top notch adventures. More information can be found here: http://www.dolphinscuba.com/Adventurer_II_...tr_raja0209.htm Thanks, Dan
  2. I went to Wakatobi last spring and had a great time. It was my first Indo experience and I was impressed with the health of the reefs and the biodiversity. I enjoy the critter hunt with my macro lens so I was not disappointed. However, the wide angle reefscapes are also impressive - I have never used my fisheye on so many dives in one trip. Most of the dives are walls and I'm used to enjoying the wall and then looking out in the blue and seeing assorted pelagics. At Wakatobi I saw none. On one dive some of our group saw a blacktip but I was a bit behind and didn't see it. This was disappointing for me. I also much prefer the liveaboard dive schedule. When I go on a dive vacation I want to dive - as many times as I can. I didn't really like the schedule at Wakatobi as it's not conducive to getting in a lot of dives. Some people like to do 1-2 dives per day and lay on the beach. I want to do 5 - just my preference. The staff were extremely attentive to all requests and the food was tasty. Some DM's were very good at critter hunting and some just swam in circles waiting for us to burn our tanks. I will say they are pretty conservative on their dive rules but I guess I can understand this given their remote location and the consequences of getting hurt. I'm really glad I went but wouldn't pay to go back - too many other places I want to go. My $0.02. Hope you enjoy your trip.
  3. Thanks for the reply. After looking at your image I agree my critter looks like a stonefish.
  4. If memory serves correct, easily over a foot long. Probably somewhere between 12-18 inches visible.
  5. Can anyone help ID this guy? I was snorkeling and freediving at Wakatobi in the shallows right off the resort (near the pier). As I was swimming back in to shore I noticed this guy in the sand. He was right near the 2nd cut (for those of you familiar with Wakatobi) in about 4-5 feet of water. When I saw him I assumed he was a Stargazer because of the shape of the mouth but after looking at the photo I believe my initial assumption was incorrect. Sorry the image isn't great but hopefully there is enough detail for someone more knowledgeable than myself. Thanks! Dan
  6. Hi: For you Aquatica users out there, has anyone tried the new Canon EF 16-35mm F2.8 II lens on a 5D body? I'm curious if there is any feedback yet regarding the correct focus gear and extension ring for this setup. Thanks, Dan
  7. When I was on the Solmar V last year one of the DM's showed me his video footage from Guadalupe where he and 2 other DM's dove with the sharks several times out of the cage. Of course they wouldn't let any clients do it but he said when they got in the water (out of the cage) the sharks kept their distance and didn't want to get close - more characteristic of the average shark encounters divers are used to. The footage looked awesome - if I remember correctly there were 3 sharks in the water when they were diving.
  8. Thanks all for the tips. I don't know anything about Bali so I'm trying to educate myself before I go. I'm staying at the Nusa Dua Beach Hotel so I will be based out of there for 2 nights.
  9. We're headed to Wakatobi next week and on the way there we have 2 nights in Bali with 1 full day. Are there any activities or sights which you would describe as a "must do" while there for a quick visit? I'm not one to lay on the beach during my vacations - I'm usually interested in some adventurous activity. I appreciate the feedback in advance. Cheers, Dan
  10. Here's a third vote for the Point Lobos/Carmel area. This is suberb diving although the the conditions can be challenging and the dive boats won't always go around the peninsula to this area. On a different topic, PM me if you want any info on Yosemite - I've been climbing there for over 10 years and have made many visits - it's an amazing place. Cheers, Dan
  11. Sorry if this has been posted before - I'm new to the forum. How many folks out there use a dedicated focus light? Is there a benefit to using one even if your strobes have built in modeling lights? I have never tried one so I'm curious to hear what others have learned. Thanks, Dan
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